HOLD (A Gentry Boys Story) by Cora Brent

RATING: READ IT HOLD (A Gentry Boys Story) by Cora Brent is the fifth book in the Gentry Boys series. It’s difficult for me to be impartial and say whether or not you could read it on its own. It’s been a few months since I read Books 1-4 and Ms. Brent does a fabulous job […]

Kindle Unlimited FAQs

This post is called Kindle Unlimited FAQs, but could just as easily be called ‘A KU Conversation with Kate Canterbary.’ Running a blog dedicated to Kindle Unlimited, it’s obvious that I’m a fan of KU. Quite frankly, my bank account simply can’t keep up with my reading addiction. I’m also not reading the typical, mainstream bestsellers […]

Lingus by Mariana Zapata

RATING: READ IT If you like a sweet read, Lingus by Mariana Zapata is your book. If you like them dirty and sexy, then I’d say Skip It. Personally, I like a book with more edge and a lot of sex. For me, that was lacking here, but the story and cast of characters were adorable […]

More Than Series by Jay McLean

RATING: BUY IT I spent the better part of last week immersed in the More Than Series by Jay McLean. This was the first time that I went into a series with an inkling of how special it would be. You might think that would set my expectations too high and lead to disappointment. The truth […]

Give Me Yesterday by K Webster + Elle Christensen

RATING: BUY IT This. This is why I read. You know the sayings, “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction,” or “The bigger the risk, the bigger the reward”? For me, I look at most things in life that way. We can only experience a certain, extreme level of joy if we’ve […]

The Bad Boy Arrangement by Nora Flite

RATING: SKIP IT (with a caveat ~ see below) I thought my selection last night, The Bad Boy Arrangement by Nora Flite (of which I am a big fan), would be a quick-and-dirty (Q+D) read with a Q+D review. Man, I was I wrong. I’ve been mulling this review around in my head most of […]

All That’s Left to Hold Onto by Ella Fox

RATING: READ IT This weekend, I read All That’s Left to Hold Onto by Ella Fox. It had been on my TBR list for a little while now, but I’d been caught up in a number of series. I was looking for a quick, single-book read and I’m a big fan of Ms. Fox. I […]

Maine Attraction Series by Elisabeth Grace

RATING: READ IT There are five books in the Maine Attraction series by Elisabeth Grace. The first, Indecision, is a standalone novel. It’s a really fun, quick read and the chemistry between Jackie + Jamie is off the charts. Plus, a cop in a black uniform? Such a perfect way to begin a novel, don’t you […]

UNTOUCHABLE (Siri’s Saga Book 1) by Jessika Klide

RATING: SKIP IT Ok, let’s do it. Let’s pop the cherry on my Skip It rating category. It was inevitable that it would come to this. That is what I’m doing here after all ~ cutting through the KU clutter. The books are ‘free,’ but your time is not. Now, please trust me when I […]

The Boss: a Hot Billionaire Romance by Cari Quinn + Taryn Elliott

RATING: READ IT Oh, cliffhanger, why do you taunt me so? I always tell myself, “No cliffhangers!” Then, I inevitably get sucked in to reading the synopsis and I can’t resist diving in. I saw the listing for The Boss Vol. 1: a Hot Billionaire Romance by Cari Quinn + Taryn Elliott in the middle of December when […]