Thief by Alexa Riley


Thief is the third book in Alexa Riley‘s Breeding Series. This, along with Coach and Mechanic, are over-the-top, insta-love and big on the get-her-bred-now slant. I will fully admit that they aren’t for everyone. BUT, if you like a quick read (I read it last night) and like a sweet guy that’s a little rough around the edges with some really hot sex, I say Read It.

I’ve read and liked all three books in the series. They are each stand alone novels (completely unrelated) and in terms of preference, Thief was my favorite, followed by Mechanic and then Coach.

Alexa is a great, thoughtful (well edited, contiguous story line, etc.) writer. Her stories are interesting and as unbelievable as these three plot lines seem to be, she manages to make them all work. I’ve read many of her books and will review others here in the future. When I’m in the mood for a quick, fun, sexy read, I can always count on her work. Plus, as of this posting, her entire catalog is on KU and that is always a plus!

As of 1.12.16, all titles are available on KU.

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