The Bad Boy Arrangement by Nora Flite

RATING: SKIP IT (with a caveat ~ see below)

I thought my selection last night, The Bad Boy Arrangement by Nora Flite (of which I am a big fan), would be a quick-and-dirty (Q+D) read with a Q+D review. Man, I was I wrong. I’ve been mulling this review around in my head most of the night and all morning. Ok, here we go.

Let’s get to the caveat first. IF you are a fast reader and IF you devour these books like candy and IF you like some good sex scenes and can overlook the story a bit, then Read It. If you don’t fall into that category, Skip It. As I’ve said before, I read anywhere from 7-10 books a week. For me, some nights, I just want a Q+D read (a 2-to-3-hour book) that I don’t have to think too much about, with some great sexual chemistry and a little escape. In those instances, this book works. However, there were just a few too many ‘speed bumps’ in the reading that interrupted my ability to escape. I don’t regret reading it whatsoever (I actually really liked it), but I do have a hard time recommending it.

Housekeeping Note: As you know, I don’t write full-on reviews, but more of a road map to cut through the KU clutter. So, when I write-up a Read It or Buy It, I don’t give away any SPOILERS. However, I feel that the Skip It ratings warrant the explanation, so please, IF YOU’RE PLANNING ON READING THIS BOOK, DO NOT READ MY REVIEW. **SPOILERS AHEAD**!

Let’s start with what worked. Abell is one hot alpha male. Covered in tattoos (even his stomach, which I don’t often read about and I like me some tattoos!), dirty talker (love!), confident (of course), great in bed and packing (of course!) with a sensitive side that makes a girl swoon. I also really liked Nix. She was selfless and genuine and smart – what’s not to admire about that? Due to the short nature of the story, neither character (nor their relationship) was thoroughly developed, but that’s to be expected. If they had been, I know I would have liked them even more. And perhaps, that’s what this book was missing for me. I know I wanted a Q+D read, but I think this particularly story could have greatly benefited from the full-length treatment.

What didn’t work is really more of what I call ‘speed bumps’ ~ those little hiccups in the story that take you out of the story and force you to go back and re-read (thinking you missed something), bad descriptors, missing links, etc. In this story, they just happened too many times to ignore. Some examples: strange street names for NYC, referencing ‘evening’ and then saying he was hit by the sunlight (she had to have meant morning), Abell saying that he knew she was running errands one day and then she recalled that her mom must have mentioned it to him TWO weeks prior (!?!), some sex scenes happenings that didn’t quite make sense, Abell’s dad calling him Abell, when they make a point of telling us that he only calls him Abram…there are more, but you get the gist. The thing is, when that happens too much, it pulls me out of the story and ruins the escape aspect for me.

There were some other things that didn’t work for me with her family and with his father’s explanation of the contract. Some other things didn’t make sense, like a ‘billionaire’ living in a studio apartment  (or was his bed just in the living room? Another hiccup for me…), her literally falling asleep immediately after a major orgasm, etc. Also, I know books need to wrap up, but the epilogue felt way too rushed to me. Again, I think this could have been fixed had the story been fleshed out more. I’ve read a number of Ms. Flite’s novels/series and I’m a fan, but this one just didn’t go the distance for me.

As of 1.20.16, The Bad Boy Arrangement is available on KU.

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