More Than Series by Jay McLean


I spent the better part of last week immersed in the More Than Series by Jay McLean. This was the first time that I went into a series with an inkling of how special it would be. You might think that would set my expectations too high and lead to disappointment. The truth is, the entire series is so good, I found myself pausing here and there to simply acknowledge my appreciation for the gift of these books. I know that may sound melodramatic and hyperbolic, but I assure you, if you read this series, you will feel the same way.

The series is made up of five books: More Than This, More Than Her, More Than Him, More Than Forever and More Than Enough. I had seen the series pop up repeatedly on Amazon as a recommended read for me, but I had not downloaded it. It wasn’t until I asked the ladies of Booking Out Besties (a fabulous FB group, BTW!), “If you had to re-read one book every year for the rest of your life, which book would you choose?” and they ALL chose THIS series that I finally acquiesced. There’s no mistake why they all chose this series – these books are very, very special.

It is so rare to find a series in which each book simply gets better and better. First you think *this* couple is my favorite, and then you meet the next one. And you think, no, no, *this* couple is my favorite. And so on, and so on. For me, it happened with each and every book. I’ve seen Ms. McLean’s fans (they’re affectionately called Jaybirds) choose a favorite couple and many chimed in to tell me which book was their favorite. Maybe it’s just the way I’m built, but I simply can’t choose. I loved them all. They were all so beautifully developed and woven in and out of each book. It’s rare that that happens and it made me appreciate them all the more.

I know this ‘review’ is ridiculously light on details, I just don’t want to give too much away. Actually, it’s not only that I don’t want to give too much away ~ I don’t want to give anything away. I want you to experience these all for yourself. Each lovely, heartbreaking, achingly painful, funny, sad, ridiculous, hysterical, soul crushing moment for yourself.

And the love. Oh, the love. There is something so utterly beautiful in the love that we experience in these books. This is the type of love you crave. The type of love you know exists. The one you’ll wait for. The kind that tears your heart out and then puts it back together again, maybe even a little better than it was before. Not because it is whole again, but for the virtue of its having been broken.

As of 1.25.16, all titles are available on KU.

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