Four More KU Read Its

RATING: READ IT KU Book Reviews just turned six-weeks old this past Tuesday and what I’ve found so far, is that not every book I read can have its own dedicated post. That being said, I still want to share some of the quick reads I’ve found with you. Again, one of my big goals […]

Fuck Buddy by Scott Hildreth

RATING: READ IT When I saw that Fuck Buddy by Scott Hildreth was coming out, I have to admit, the images and name alone had me sold. Then, Mr. Hildreth pre-released the first four chapters and I was hooked. I knew it would be hot, but even the first four chapters didn’t prepare me for what was to come. […]

Quick + Dirty Read Its by Alexa Riley

RATING: READ IT I have a number of authors that I trust to know that I’m going to get a good read. For me, Alexa Riley is one of those authors. Alexa Riley is the pen name of two friends, Melissa K (@smut_sasshole ) and Lea R (@SassNSmut). They are super prolific and as a […]

Forget by N.A. Alcorn

RATING: BUY IT I’ve just finished Forget (Changing Colors Book 1) by N.A. Alcorn and although my original intention was to read Blur (Changing Colors Book 2) prior to writing a review, I didn’t want to let these feelings go without writing them down. And, I wanted to tell you to move this book to the […]

Fraternization Rule by Fiona Davenport

RATING: READ IT What can I say? Valentine’s Day put me in an insta-love, Über-alpha-male kinda mood. I wanted quick-and-dirty reads that, quite frankly, didn’t have to necessarily be plausible in the real world.  I stumbled upon Penalty Clause (Risqué Contracts Book 1) and Contingency Plan (Risqué Contracts Book 2) by Fiona Davenport when I […]

Taking Mine by Rachel Schneider

RATING: BUY IT Taking Mine by Rachel Schneider is not quite like any book I’ve read in this wide-ranging genre of Women’s Fiction. I just finished it and I’m struggling with finding my words. Yes, there’s a boy-meets-girl love story going on and yes, there’s a story of the streets and a story of intrigue, but…it’s […]

Inevitable Love by JC Santo

RATING: READ IT I just finished Inevitable Love (Navy Love Series Book 1) by JC Santo and I have to say that I totally loved it. I really did. It’s just so damn sweet. Inevitable Love is the story of Tessa + Hunter. However, I’m thrilled that this is only Book 1, because I loved […]

Four New KU Read Its

RATING: READ IT I’ve decided to try something a little different with this post. I just finished four books this week (all new releases ~ released sometime between January 23-28) that I really liked for different reasons. They’re all Read It recommendations, so I’ve decided to combine them into one post. If you’re looking for […]

Pieces of Him by Alice Tribue

RATING: READ IT Pieces of Him by Alice Tribue is a great read. It’s fast paced and it tackles a subject not often dealt with in this genre ~ being a single dad. It was well written and believable. Plus, I really enjoyed reading about something different for a change. I adored the main characters, […]

Undeniably You by Jewel E Ann

RATING: BUY IT I. Loved. This. Book. Undeniably You by Jewel E Ann is a rollercoaster ride. There were times that were carefree. Times that gave me the butterflies. Then, times that made me angry. Confused. Hopeful. Sad. Disbelieving. Irate. Frustrated. Exasperated. I loved the way that it was written. The back and forth through […]