Four New KU Read Its


I’ve decided to try something a little different with this post. I just finished four books this week (all new releases ~ released sometime between January 23-28) that I really liked for different reasons. They’re all Read It recommendations, so I’ve decided to combine them into one post. If you’re looking for some good, fun reads, check these out:


Play Me by Katie McCoy ~ I’ll fully admit, I borrowed this book because the cover was SO damn hot! And quite frankly, the book is even better. It’s ADORABLE and sexy, which is one of my favorite combos. The characters and their backstories are really well developed and it’s just a great read. I loved it!


The Billionaire Dating Game: A Romance Novel by Aubrey Dark ~ I really liked this book. I thought the chemistry between Piers and Lisa was excellent and it was just really, really cute (and sexy). There were a few scenes where I was legit laughing out loud and that ALWAYS rates high on what constitutes a good read to me. If a book is sexy AND funny, you got me. [Side note: I have not reviewed any dark novels here on the blog yet, but it’s one of my favorite genres. I’ve read His, Mine and Yours, plus both the His Gift series and the His Ransom series. I’m a BIG Aubrey Dark fan. I know these are not for everyone, but I’ve never read anything else quite like the His/Mine/Yours books and I LOVED them. Super dark. Super sexy.]


PS…You’re Mine by Alexa Riley ~ This is an incredibly fast read. It maybe took me 45 minutes. Definitely less than an hour. You can read it during a lunch break or while the kids are taking a long nap. It’s quick, cute, fun and slightly dirty. I loved it! Then again, there isn’t much (if anything) that I don’t like by Alexa Riley. PS. This is one of the sexiest covers ever and I love the curves!


PLAYED: A British Bad Boy Romance by Nikki Wild ~ I love British boys and I love soccer/football, so this was already well on its way to being something I would like. I thought the story was good and it, again, was a very fast read. I liked Riley’s confidence and I loved Lex’s swagger ~ and the sexual chemistry was definitely there. I would have enjoyed a bit more development in the backstory, but again, this was a quick read, so that sometimes gets a bit lost. My only true gripe on this one was the formatting ~ I didn’t love the double spacing between paragraphs, but that might be something that only bothers me. I’m still glad that I read it.

As of 2.6.16, all titles are available on KU.

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