Fraternization Rule by Fiona Davenport


What can I say? Valentine’s Day put me in an insta-love, Über-alpha-male kinda mood. I wanted quick-and-dirty reads that, quite frankly, didn’t have to necessarily be plausible in the real world.  I stumbled upon Penalty Clause (Risqué Contracts Book 1) and Contingency Plan (Risqué Contracts Book 2) by Fiona Davenport when I saw a post on Facebook about Fraternization Rule (Risqué Contracts Book 3), which came out at midnight last night.

I quickly read through Books 1 + 2 during the day on Sunday. Knowing my insomnia would come in handy, I read Book 3 in the middle of the night after it came out.

Now, please know going in that these are true insta-love books. I’m talking love at first sight – in some cases without even actually speaking to each other. And the (cave)men are determined (with zero flexibility) on claiming these women. Some have more patience than others, but these all go from zero-to-sixty pretty quickly once things start heating up.

When I read, sometimes I want believable, sometimes I want a good cry and sometimes I just want the hot, dirty caveman to come in and claim his woman. If you’re in the mood for the latter, these are the books for you. The typical read for each of these is about an hour. Again, sometimes, that’s exactly what a girl needs.

As of 2.15.16, all titles are available on KU.

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