Quick + Dirty Read Its by Alexa Riley


I have a number of authors that I trust to know that I’m going to get a good read. For me, Alexa Riley is one of those authors. Alexa Riley is the pen name of two friends, Melissa K (@smut_sasshole ) and Lea R (@SassNSmut). They are super prolific and as a person who devours their books, that makes me extremely happy. Plus, their entire catalog, except for one compilation book with other authors, is available on KU, which makes me even happier!

Their books are the true definition of “quick and dirty” reads. They typically take less than an hour to read and are always dirty. Sometimes really dirty. Here are a few of their recent releases that I’ve read (if it’s not listed below, I haven’t read it yet) and recommend when you’re in the mood for a Q+D book:

Trailer Park Virgin [released 2/18/16]

Guarding His Obsession [released 2/15/16]

PS…You’re Mine [released 1/30/16] ~ Read my review here

Breeding Series [Thief, Mechanic & Coach – all standalones] ~ Read my review here

Mistress Auctions ~ Buy Me books [They could be deemed standalones, but I wouldn’t read them out of order. You meet most of the characters in the first book and I think it adds to the story.]

Snow and Mistletoe [released 12/10/15]

My New Step-Dad [released 8/1/15]

The Virgin Duet [released 7/13/15]

These books are pretty much all insta-love (with the short nature of these books, that’s kind of a given) and there are various things that might not be your cup of tea: older/younger couples, step-brother/father with step-daughter, ménage, etc. I would recommend you read the blurb on Amazon prior to downloading and if the subject matter isn’t for you, just skip that one. For me, I can pretty much read anything and I’m ok with it, so that’s my only caveat for a book being a Read It vs. Skip it ~ it’s an individual taste.

As of 2.22.16, all of the titles above are available on KU.

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