Low by Mary Elizabeth


Oh, hello, Book Hangover. So that’s what you look like?


I just finished Low by Mary Elizabeth and this may be one of the hardest reviews I’ve ever written. If you read the book blurb, you know from the start that this is the story of Lowen + Poesy, a modern day Bonnie + Clyde. I knew that going in and yet, I feel as though I wasn’t prepared for what I just read.

First and foremost, Ms. Elizabeth is not your average writer. Her writing is lyrical and poetic and every word feels intentional. I found myself highlighting paragraphs I knew I would never use in the review, simply because I was so moved by the descriptive nature of the prose. Strike that. Here are just a few of the many I tagged:

“Fresh out of the shower, I can still smell the scent of thick engine oil under Poe’s lemony body wash on skin the sun tinted golden-brown. Green bottled beer is icy in my hand and warm in the pit of my stomach.”

 “Resilience smiles in the face of sin, and her pupils widen with her lips. She pulls on the neck of my shirt, snapping stitches and stretching white cotton.”

 “Trapped in a purgatory with shame as my only escort, I search bottomless darkness for a glimmer of light, but obscurity only becomes impossibly blacker.”

 “Poe shoves me away, and I dash from the car with a kiss-clouded mind and the taste of coffee and her cherry Chapstick on my lips.”

 There is something extraordinarily special about Lowen + Poesy and their relationship (oh, and their terms of endearment totally slayed me). The entire story is told from Low’s perspective (although it looks like there will be a follow-up written from Poe’s perspective) and yet, the reader is never unsure about Poe’s feelings for Low. These two are soul mates if there ever was such a pair. Their love is so much a part of their beings. It’s almost as if they are one.

I’m not generally a reader of suspense novels and I found myself physically reacting to what I was reading ~ increased heartbeat, tapping my feet, wanting to read ahead (which I NEVER do!) and other reactions that had me feeling as though I was crawling in my skin.

I wanted to stop in the middle, pluck Low + Poesy out of the story and move them into one of the many other books I had read. Plop them down in a small town, living on a farm, or even move them into a cute bungalow house on the outskirts of Chicago. Anywhere, but where they were.

You’ll have to read Low for yourself to see how it ends, but prepare yourself – these two criminals will steal your heart.

As of 3.5.16, Low is available on Kindle Unlimited.


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