The Rub Down by Gina Sheldon

Wow – I guess it was bound to happen finally. My first time…posting for Kindle Unlimited Book Reviews!

For my first time out, I chose The Rub Down (The Rub Down Series Book 1) by Gina Sheldon. This isn’t just a sweet, fun, slow-burn love story about Luke + Alexa, but a wonderful tribute to the spirit of Boston after the horrific bombings that occurred during the marathon in April 2013.

Alexa is a marathon runner who is recommended to Luke, a masseur with extremely magically hands, to help heal hurts and ward off injury as she attempts to run the 26.2 miles of the Boston Marathon for the second time. Her first time was shattered by the bombings that forever changed Boston and the sport of endurance running. Luke helps Alexa overcome her fears and Alexa helps Luke find honest love.

Of course, no fun love story would be complete without side characters and Ms. Sheldon has supplied us with some interesting friends and family! I adore Addison, Alexa’s roommate and best friend, and can’t wait to learn more about her!

As a half-marathon runner myself, I appreciated the realism of the fear Alexa felt running the marathon. Although every safety measure is taken to ensure runners are protected on each track, each race day, what happened to our fellow runners almost three years ago is never forgotten. I personally run each race for those who are no longer able.

Oh, I almost forgot…I’m not alone in firsts! This is Ms. Sheldon’s first book! What’s more exciting, we’re both doing it again! Look for Our Time (The Rub Down Series Book 2) to hit KU today! And look for more from me in the coming days!

As of 3.16.16 The Rub Down is available on Kindle Unlimited.

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