Wherever It Leads by Adriana Locke


Ever start a book and the more you read, the more you find yourself not connecting to the story or the characters? You stop reading, go back and read the blurb to remember what it was that drew you to this story, this book. You return to the story where you left off. Of course you’re thinking this is nuts, cut your losses and move on.

Then magic strikes…

Confession is good for the soul, so here’s mine: I struggled at the start to connect with Adriana Locke’s Wherever It Leads, the story of sweet, the-world-hates-her-but-believes-in-true-love Brynne, and Fenton, the man who inherits his family’s company, but not their understanding that love can be found in a moment, with the right person, and last a lifetime.

A horrible family event ties Brynne and Fenton, though neither realize it right away. As the story unfolds, truths revealed, I found myself drawn into it more and more. I knew Brynne + Fenton’s journey to happy wasn’t going to be an easy one, and at times I felt like I knew what to expect, but then twists were brilliantly entered that left me satisfied. I hate when I read a book and know from the start exactly what’s going to happen. This just wasn’t the case. What turned out to be a struggle in the beginning, ended up being a book I simply couldn’t put down.

I must say my absolute favorite part of this book is Brynne’s roommate and best friend, Presley. While Wherever It Leads is a standalone, HEA with no cliffhanger, I do believe Ms. Locke could easily pick up a series with a second book focusing on Presley!

There’s NO question I’m really happy I stuck to my guns with Wherever It Leads and read it all the way through. My book battle lead to a sweet victory!

As of 3.21.16 Wherever It Leads is available on Kindle Unlimited.

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