Baby, Don’t Go by Fiona Davenport


I just finished Baby, Don’t Go, the third book in Fiona Davenport’s Yeah, Baby series, and it might just be my favorite of the three. As I said in my review of the first two books, Ms. Davenport is quickly becoming my go-to author for Quick + Dirty reads.

In Baby, Don’t Go, Jack + Ellison work together and have known each other for two years, but have kept their relationship strictly in the friend zone.  However, when the relationship shifts, it shifts fast. I love the rapport that these two have and the fact that they have the foundation of friendship, makes it all the sweeter.

Quick+ Dirty reads tend to be low on the plausibility scale. However, Ms. Davenport, even without the friendship foundation found here, has a way of building a solid base and a fleshed out backstory that make her stories absolutely believable. No small feat.

Baby, Don’t Go comes out this Monday, March 28 (it will be available on KU then or you can pre-order it now), but the first two books in the series, Baby, You’re Mine and Baby Steps are both currently available on KU. Her other series, the Risqué Contracts series, is also available on KU.

Ms. Davenport is pretty new to the scene with her first book only having been published in January of this year and there’s some interesting news that recently popped up on her Facebook page:


Who is Fiona Davenport? I guess we’ll all know pretty soon.

*NOTE: As in both of Ms. Davenport’s series, these are all novellas that can be read on their own. However, the characters in the three books in each series are related and I think it’s more fun if you read them all in order.

As of 3.28.16, Baby, Don’t Go is available on Kindle Unlimited.

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