The Sins That Bind Us by Geneva Lee


Holy amazeballs, Batman! My brain has stopped functioning to form full sentences. I’ve been left with only the ability to utter words of nonsense: “uh…whoooa…hooooo…huh…um…hmmmm.” It’s only when I manage to “om” that I can breathe again and jump start thinking.

An hour after finishing Geneva Lee’s The Sins That Bind Us I find myself flat on back, in bed, taking in those beautiful 276 pages, zoned out. I’m on a reader’s high. I’ve just experienced damn near contemporary literary perfection.

Ms. Lee has taken me on a journey where every emotion I truly understand comes to play – fear, despair, sorrow, humor, longing, hope, forgiveness, love. Darkness creeps in, how can it not when dealing with characters battling addiction, but she keeps the light present. It’s true and tangible, and it’s right.

As a reader I theorize the story. Every story, every time. I make notes at some point as to what I think will happen to the characters and how the story will end. Sure, I’m excited when my theory pans out at the end and I’m proven right, but the physical manifestation of learning I’m wrong is even better. When an author takes the story from the yellow brick road, to the path less traveled and eventually an island of paradise, that’s the greatest journey. Once I realize how off course my theory is, my body tingles, the hair on my arms stands straight, my pulse increases and I can’t stop the stupid grin. I pace, mumble to myself, pull at my hair (it’s extremely thick), then take several, deep calming breaths before finishing the story.

Because we are strongly anti-spoilers in reviews here at KUBR, I feel that even discussing the names of the characters is too much. There is one event early in the story that may be difficult for some readers to get through, but know this is a crucial moment. This is a standalone, HEA. Remember that while walking through the valleys and climbing the mountains – this is a happily ever after!

I will tell you that once I was able to think again, I called my co-blogger, Mila, and begged her to read The Sins That Bind Us immediately just so I could talk to someone about this masterpiece.

As of 3.30.16 The Sins That Bind Us is available on Kindle Unlimited.

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