Frenched by Melanie Harlow


Love: the one emotion that makes people do crazy things.

It makes us impulsively buy a new pair of expensive shoes, adopt that cute puppy, leave an intended at the altar. Wait, what? Yes, falling out of love can be the cause of crazy acts too. Melanie Harlow’s Frenched is the story of Mia + Lucas and the discovery of love in all its forms. A lighthearted, airy insta-love romantic comedy set in Paris. It was exactly the book I needed after having read dark, twisty takes on love. Mia + Lucas’ path to finding love with each other was straight forward and easy. But above all it was fun.

Trekking through the streets and bistros of Paris, with loads of wine and great food as the setting, it was understandable and believable that two people who are complete opposites (Mia an extreme type “A” who lives her life by lists and Lucas who lives life as it happens), would bond and fall in love. Ms. Harlow has reminded us that sometimes love can be uncomplicated and telling that story doesn’t require surprising plot lines.

Originally released in 2014, Frenched has been widely discussed as of late. As a result, it caught my attention. It’s the first of a 3.5 book series that follows Mia (Yanked) and her incredibly supportive friends, Coco (Forked) and Erin (Floored). I’m looking forward to meeting the men who capture their hearts!

Odd as it sounds, I’m glad to be late to this series. There are so many amazing books coming out on KU all of the time and KUBR’s goal is to help you navigate your way with our “Read It, Skip It, Buy It” ratings. However, with all of the new releases, there often doesn’t seem to be enough time to tell you about those books that might be a year or two (or even 3, 4 or 5 years!) older, that are books you absolutely need to check out. Some authors have their entire catalogs available on KU and there’s a treasure trove that’s available out there. On that note, we’ve decided that there are some books that are just too good to miss and we’ll be featuring those books in what we’re calling, “Retro Reviews.” We’ll be revisiting some of our favorite KU books that we’ve read in the past, but we’ll also let you know about some older books that we stumble across in our everyday search. Do you have an older KU book that you FLOVE? Let us know in the comments below.

As of 4.4.16, Frenched is available on Kindle Unlimited.


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