4 New KU Read Its by Christine

Rating:  READ IT

Since the launch of KUBR, we’ve run a few compilation posts for various KU Read Its. On KU, we all have unlimited access to a ton of great content, but it can be difficult to cut through the KU clutter. We’ve gotten a lot of great feedback about these compliation posts and have decided to bring them to you on a consistent basis. That being said, we’d like to introduce everyone to Christine, a KUBR reader and KUbbie group member. Twice a month,   Christine will be sharing her latest KU Read Its with all of us. Without further ado, here are her first four picks!


Matchmaker’s Playbook (Wingmen Inc. 1) by Rachel Van Dyken – This book had me laughing from the very beginning. It’s an easy read, too, written from the male point of view. Ian is a guy you want to dislike from the beginning with the way he treats women, but you just can’t! And when he realizes that he actually has feelings for Blake his reaction made me laugh. Blake is a great character. I really enjoyed her. She doesn’t take to Ian at the beginning and it’s funny to watch a girl that doesn’t fall at his feet. I really enjoyed the banter between the two. I also loved to watch Ian transform through the book. There is always something about watching a manwhore fall in love! Wingman is an appropriate title for this series.


Porn Star by Laurelin Page and Sierra Simone – I was really unsure about this book. I blushed everytime I’d like or comment on this book and it would end up in a friend’s feed.  There is something that is just so taboo about porn. I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about porn stars falling in love. This book was so well written though and really pretty emotional. It surprised me how much I truly liked it. It did a really good job at bringing up some pretty big issues in the porn industry, too. I was surprised at how much I liked Logan O’Toole and wanted him to get the girl! At times I wanted to wring his neck and say you are a porn star!  How can you want to be with other women and claim to love a different one! I could finally breathe a sigh of relief when he finally saw what I saw! It was a really good read.


Freeing Destiny (The Fate Series Book 2) by Faith Andrews – This was one of those books where I look at the leading man and know he is something that only exists in books! Jack is a guy who every girl dreams about. He’s the sweet guy who you can’t get enough of. Even when Stella fights what is happening, he doesn’t push her, but is patient. I thought the author did a really great job with describing Jack + Stella and the craziness that surrounds them. This is a quick read. It does have a twist at the end that I didn’t expect. It was something that took me by surprise and I was so excited to see how it played out. Jack + Stella’s story is a must read! Just a heads up, Freeing Destiny is Book 2 in the Fate Series, but can be read as a standalone. Feel Again is Book 1 and equally as awesome!

Teach Me by Lola Darling – Hot, British professor, need I say more? You aren’t one clicking yet? OK, I can give you a little more. Harper Reed is in London for a semester and has a hot hook up with Jack Kingston, only to walk into her class and find him at the front of the class. Their chemistry is hot and relationship is forbidden. I did feel that the climax of the story was a little anticlimactic for me. I saw the story going a different way, but it worked the way the author took it. It was a good and a shorter read.

As of 4.13.16, all titles are available on Kindle Unlimited.


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