Seeing Love by Maryann Jordan



Our KU Book Reviews’ FB readers nominated and selected Maryann Jordan’s Seeing Love as the featured book in KUBR’s April YOU CHOOSE contest. Ms. Jordan’s fans clearly adore her; they are devout, loyal and numerous! I marveled at the amount of support they consistently gave Ms. Jordan during both the nomination and voting periods. Their enthusiasm was infectious and got me excited to read this book! The fans were right!

The fourth in her Saints Protection & Investigations series, this story is about Bart + Faith, two people with extraordinary abilities brought together to help locate a missing child. Without question, this is both an insta-love and slow burn story. Ms. Jordan kept the entire story interesting, fast paced and completely plausible given the circumstances in which Bart + Faith find themselves.

Maryann Jordan is a “new to me” author and Seeing Love is the first of her books I’ve read. As it is the fourth in the series, I would have preferred to have read the previous books before reading this one. I often find that while a book is classified as a standalone, as is this one, when it’s part of a series, it’s most helpful to start from the beginning. Not only do you get the tone and feel of the story that way, keeping track of the peripheral characters is easier as well.

I definitely plan to go back to the start and complete the series!

As of 4.15.16 Seeing Love is available on Kindle Unlimited.

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