MOTO by M. Never

“It’s maddening—two men, two mouths, four hands, and insurmountable pleasure.”


F*ck, this story is hot. If you’ve read any books by M. Never, you know that’s one of the things you can count on. What you also know is that you’re going to get a great story: interesting characters you always want to know more about; complex relationships that you are always a little unsure about; and twists and turns you think have painted the story into a corner, but somehow manage to all make sense in the end.

MOTO is no exception. In fact, it has numerous twists and turns, that in less capable hands, simply would not have worked. In M. Never’s hands, they just…do.

MOTO is the story of Dev, Reese + Kayla. Dev + Reese are twin brothers. Hot, twin, tattooed brothers. In case you’re not aware, MOTO is an MFM book and whether this is your first foray into reading ménage or your fiftieth, you will not be disappointed.

MOTO is scorching hot, yet lovely and heartfelt and emotionally intense all at the same time. It’s now been two weeks since I first read MOTO and it still resonates with me. This is not a story, nor characters, that you will soon forget.

As of 4.20.16, MOTO is available on Kindle Unlimited. 

Note: if you haven’t read M. Never’s Decadence After Dark series, do yourself a big favor and download it today. The entire series is available on KU. Be forewarned though: the word dark is in the title and should not be ignored. 

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