Apartment 2B and Alpha & Omega by K Webster


A few weeks ago, with the review for Melanie Harlow’s Frenched, we here at KUBR introduced the concept of Retro Reviews. These are reviews on books available through Kindle Unlimited, but books that may not be new or newer releases. These are, however, books that deserve to be read.

So, we all have those authors that you know no matter what they write, you won’t be disappointed. I mean, really, they could restate the Pythagorean Theorem with such flare that it would leave you in complete and utter awe. I admit, Kristi Webster, known simply as K Webster, is one of those authors for me. Gratefully, she has yet to publish a stuffy mathematical dissertation, but her repertoire of romance is vast and delicious! She covers everything from erotic to historical romance. Have I mentioned I kind of worship her?

For this Retro Review, I selected two of her books that fall under paranormal romance. A sub-sect of romance that seems to recently have fallen away. Are we, the romance readers, losing our love affair with werewolves, vampires, fairies and angels? If we are, make no mistake, K Webster’s Apartment 2B and Alpha & Omega will make you fall in love all over again!


Published in May 2014, Apartment 2B tells the story of Sidney, a young survivor of extreme abuse at the hand of her mother, and Liam + Lane, the neighborly brothers who help her learn how to survive life. Liam shows Sidney her strength, Lane teaches her how to use it. But all is not as it seems with the brothers. I honestly didn’t see the twist with the brothers’ relationship coming at all. Even as I formed a theory about who they were and their role in Sidney’s life, I STILL DID NOT SEE IT COMING! Am I losing my edge? No. This is the brilliance that is K Webster.

While an HEA, be forewarned, Sidney’s abuse and other events she experiences may leave you a bit uncomfortable. I should also say that this book managed to do something very few books (or movies) ever do – it made me shed a tear. Be sure to grab that tissue box and feel the feels!

Alpha_OmegaI waited a day to process Apartment 2B before moving on to the angelic Alpha & Omega, the story of, wait for it, pre-guardian angels, Alpha & Omega. Sent to Earth to earn their wings and become full-fledged guardian angels, Alpha is assigned to Lark, a girl deemed evil by the upper-Heavenly administration. Omega is assigned to Pedro, a sexual deviant earmarked for Hell.

They just need to keep them alive long enough to earn their wings. They are not sent to fall in love, reconnect with their human lives or turn their backs on Heaven. Oops, don’t you hate when plans go awry? While Alpha & Omega is really Alpha + Lark’s love story, Omega is an amazing character, one that you can’t let go of. When the story ends, you’re left wondering what happens to him. Luckily, his story continues in Omega & Love, also available on KU!

But you CAN’T stop reading K Webster here! She’s such a unique, prolific and inventive writer that I strongly encourage all readers to pick up her books, KU or not. Some of my other favorite K Webster reads are Dirty Ugly Toy, and her War and Peace series, This is War, Baby and This is Love, Baby. And, look for two new reads, B-Sides and Rarities and Sweet Jayne, to be released in the coming months!

As of 4.23.16, Apartment 2B and Alpha & Omega are available on Kindle Unlimited.

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