4 New KU Read Its by Christine



Temptation (The Billionaire’s Seduction Book 4) by Cali MacKay – There is something about a man with an accent that does it every time! This was a short, fun read. It was the first book I’ve read by this author and the first time I was introduced into this world. They are all standalone books, but each character gets their own book, so you see the same characters throughout the series. As a reader, I really like that. I feel like I almost develop a relationship with them through the different stories. Connor + Paige are a couple who you keep thinking, “How can this work?” But it does. I loved them. This was a good story that took a twist at the end I wasn’t expecting. I really enjoyed the read.


Rewriting the Rules by S. Moose – This was the first book I’ve read by S. Moose. I love the stories where the girl falls in love with the best friend’s brother. Maybe it’s because I had older brothers and I can totally relate! With this story, I spent the first half of the book wondering if Charlotte made a mistake coming after Troy. You knew he had feelings for her, but he was doing a good job and denying them both anything. There were a few times where I felt like what the author wrote was repetitive, but it didn’t bother me. It’s a short read. I do wish it had been a little bit longer to maybe develop the story a bit more, but overall I liked the book and Charlotte + Troy. I’m waiting to see if Will (Charlotte’s brother) gets his own story too!


Why Now? by Carey Heywood – This was the first book I’ve read by Carey Heywood. I thought this was a really unique way of bringing in a “love” triangle, if you can call it that. Two friends become engaged as more of a convenience than anything else, until the love of Kacey’s life comes back to town and he realizes that she is the one for him. I thought it really worked well with the story. The end of the book, though, was so emotional for me. I thought it was fun and a good, quick read until the end. I cried the last few chapters. My emotions were all over the place, but I really enjoyed it.


Set the Pace (The Detroit Love Duet Book 1) by Kim Karr – I have loved everything I have read by Kim Karr and this book does not disappoint. We have our very hot hero and the girl who was his best friend as a child, until one day she disappeared. Now she is back in his life, but can he forgive her for everything in the past? This is the first book of a duet. There is a cliffhanger, so if you don’t like those, this is fair warning. Turn it Up (The Detroit Love Duet Book 2) comes out May 16th. I love a romantic tale with suspense and murder mixed in! Kim does such a great job of rounding out all of the characters in the story. I secretly hope that all of Jasper’s friends get their own books! And try as I might, I never pick the right person as the whodunit! A definite must read!

As of 4.28.16, all titles are available on Kindle Unlimited.


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