The Big O by HJ Bellus


Did you ever see the movie Working Girl where Melanie Griffith’s character, Tess, is trying to explain how she connected Trask with buying the radio station? Where she explains her train of thought and how she connected all of the dots, but it doesn’t necessarily make sense to anyone else but her? Let’s try that, shall we?

I was looking for a fun KU book for today’s review. Since I’m attending Wild and Windy in the City on May 7, here in Chicago, I’m trying to read as many new-to-me authors as I can before the event. Coincidentally, at the same time, we have open nominations for May’s You Choose contest and one of our KUbbies nominated HJ Bellus. So, I went to the W&W author list and when I saw HJ Bellus, I remembered her nomination. I then looked her up on Amazon and saw The Big O, which everyone over in KUbbies’ Korner has been raving about for weeks! All at once, everything just clicked! Well, I don’t know if you’re exhausted yet, but all I can say is that it all happened in a matter of moments and my head was spinning. Yes, I am, admittedly, the Tangential Queen.

I hunkered down the other night to dive into The Big O and was immediately smiling and chuckling out loud. I got into it a little too late and stayed up a little too long, but I finished it in one sitting. When thinking of how to describe the experience of reading this book, the word that keeps popping to the forefront of my mind is adorable. It’s sweet and funny and a little ridiculous, but that is simply the charm of this book.

Now for the nitty gritty! Many of you know I like a lot of sex in my books. This wasn’t too much of a slow burn, although it could be argued it is by some. And, while the sex scenes aren’t ‘fade to black,’ they are not as steamy as many of the reads I’m used to. That being said, I loved it all the same. For me, that’s saying a lot. In fact, if there’s a slow burn book to review, Robyn knows that it’s best if I’m not the one to read it. Slow burn just ain’t my thing. 😉

If you’re looking for a really cute, fast and funny read, I highly recommend you pick up The Big O. It would also make a perfect #bookhangovercure!

As of 4.29.16, The Big O is available on Kindle Unlimited.

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