Get Lucky by Lila Monroe

RATING: BUY IT Like most Kindle Unlimited subscribers, I read a lot. Somewhere between 30 and 50 books per month, depending on what’s going on at work. That may seem like a lot to some (normal to others), but when I tell people that I don’t watch television, but read instead, they’re always amazed. For […]

4 New KU Read Its by Christine

RATING: READ IT Honor Love (Saints Protection & Investigations) by Maryann Jordan – All of the books in the Saints Protection & Investigations series can be read as standalones. Each book has a hero from the agency and the woman he meets and falls in love with. This book is about Angel + Monty. With every […]

Silk Stocking Inn Series by Tess Oliver + Anna Hart

RATING: READ IT WINNER: KUBR’s May YOU CHOOSE Contest Our KU Book Reviews’ FB readers nominated and selected Tess Oliver and Anna Hart’s Silk Stocking Inn series as the featured book in KUBR’s May YOU CHOOSE contest. Their fans were very enthusiastic in their support of this series. It’s an adult fairy tale romance – […]

Cash Remington by Celia Aaron

RATING: READ IT May I confess something? I LOVE the opportunity to review books! Okay, I LOVE the opportunity to read stories and authors new-to-me and then tell everybody about my new discoveries. I have a thing for talking to others about my passions. Don’t get me started on pets or healthy living! While I’ve […]

The Panty Whisperer by Sloane Howell

RATING: BUY IT If you’re a regular reader of the blog, you know I’m honest to a fault. Stick with me here ~ it’s kind of a long story, but worth it in the end. Back when I launched the blog’s Twitter account, Sloane Howell followed us. I saw that his books were KU, so […]

Wasted Words by Staci Hart

RATING: READ IT Staci Hart’s books have been on my TBR list forever. I’ve always been drawn visually to her covers and graphics (it made SO much sense when I read that she was formerly a graphic designer), and the blurbs have always spoken to me. When I got the opportunity to receive an ARC […]

Fall Back Skyward by Autumn Grey

RATING: BUY IT “Did I just read that? Did I actually just read and experience that? Oh, my gosh, I did. Whoa…” Ever finish a book and that’s all you can think about? Ever finish a book that leaves you feeling emotionally out-of-control, but you don’t know how to reel it in? Ever finish a book […]

44 Chapters About 4 Men by BB Easton

RATING: BUY IT Having just launched KUBR in January, four months ago yesterday to be exact, blogging is still really new to me. And for better or for worse, it has, in many ways, changed the way I read. Now when I read, I highlight passages or quotes I think I might use in the […]

4 New KU Read Its by Christine

RATING: READ IT Still Here: A Secret Baby Romance by Laura Belle Peters and Kaylee Song – This was the first book I’ve read by either of these authors. It was a great second-chance-at-romance read. It was easy to follow and I read it in one day. The baby was really the only twist in […]

Topped by Kayti McGee

RATING: READ IT Am I alone in thinking the life of an author is a glamorous one? They sleep all day, write all night, drink wine by the gallons. Adored for their ability to tell stories that captivate the audience and elicit strong, beautiful emotions at the end of every book. Creative geniuses with all […]