Beautiful Distraction by J.C. Reed


Love at first sight – does it really exist? I often think it does, in certain situations. I fell in deep love with my dogs as puppies when I first met each of them. I fell hard for my first pair of running trainers. Oh gosh, we had a love affair that tracked 500 miles. But falling for a guy at first sight, hasn’t happened yet.

That’s the beauty in J.C. Reed’s Beautiful Distraction, she confirms that lust at first sight is really what it’s about, but it can often be enough to pursue the potential love of your life. A love story about Ava + Kellan, they meet briefly in an awkward situation, but can’t forget about one another.

Fast forward a few months, and while the attraction is there, they don’t instantly fall into bed or a relationship and live happily ever after. Instead a really fun, warm, genuine friendship forms as they build toward a lifetime of happiness.

This was my first time reading J.C. Reed, but with planned books surrounding the supporting characters, Cash and Ryder Boyd, from Beautiful Distraction, I know this won’t be my last time reading her stories!

As of 5.6.16, Beautiful Distraction is available on Kindle Unlimited.

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