Passion in Paradise Series by Sarah O’Rourke


Back when we launched KUbbies’ Korner, there had been a lot of talk about Sarah O’Rourke ~ and quite frankly, there still is! Her latest book, Tangled Hearts, had recently come out and a number of KUbbies read it and loved it. Then, when nominations for our April ‘You Choose’ contest opened up, there were multiple requests for Tangled Hearts. When I read the blurb, I was immediately hooked.

Even though it didn’t win (it was up against the beloved Maryann Jordan), I still wanted to read it. Now, I usually read a series in order, but was assured it would stand on its own. It definitely did, but we met so many other interesting characters that I just had to go back and start at the beginning. The series, Passion in Paradise, currently consists of five books: Cain’s Salvation, Hard as Stone, Ready, Willing and Abel, The Homespun Holiday and Tangled Hearts. A sixth book, Man of Honor, is in the works and is slated for release this fall. {Note: if you want to learn more about Man of Honor in advance, check out Sarah’s reader group on Facebook, Sarah O’Rourke’s CRAZY CREW.}

The entire series takes place in Paradise, Tennessee and the stars of the series are the McKinnon Sisters: Harmony, Faith, Patience and Honor. They’re loving, honest, passionate women that fiercely protect their own and help anyone in need. They also seem to be magnets for trouble with a very, very big capital T. For a small town, there is definitely some major drama.

The first three books focus on The Men of the McKinnon Sisters (and the sixth one will as well.) Cain’s Salvation is the story of Faith + Cain; Hard as Stone is the story of Harmony + Jake; and Ready, Willing and Abel is the story of Patience + Abel. Ready, Willing and Abel leaves some of the story lines open and will conclude, I believe, in Man of Honor (Book 6), which will feature Honor and Zeke.

The Homespun Holiday and Tangled Hearts feature two peripheral couples, Mack + Millie and Cal + Melody, respectively. I love that the stories extend beyond the McKinnons. As much as I love the sisters, I also love the fact that the stories will keep coming.

When I think of this series and these amazingly colorful characters I think of them as being a mix of the 80’s TV show Designing Women and the movie Steel Magnolias with a dash of danger and a whole lot of alpha males thrown in to round out these spitfire women. Being from the North, I was always drawn to shows and movies that featured the South. For me, these books were no different. I loved the pace and comradery. I know everyone in small towns complains about everyone knowing everyone else’s business, but there’s always been something about that that has appealed to me.

I read the five books on and off over the past month. I finished The Homespun Holiday last week and even now, a week later, I still find myself revisiting these characters in my mind. That’s pretty rare for me. I’ll be honest ~ my first instinct was to rate these a Read It. I love the books, but I generally reserve my Buy It ratings for books that alter me in some way. This series is subtler than that. I simply enjoyed the heck out of these stories and now, with some time behind me and the fact that I can’t stop thinking about them, even if future books were not KU, I would absolutely snatch them up!

As of 5.9.16, all titles are available on Kindle Unlimited.



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