Topped by Kayti McGee


Am I alone in thinking the life of an author is a glamorous one? They sleep all day, write all night, drink wine by the gallons. Adored for their ability to tell stories that captivate the audience and elicit strong, beautiful emotions at the end of every book. Creative geniuses with all the self-confidence imaginable and not a care in the world. Truly, the life of Riley!

Um, yeah, not so much.

In her second standalone novel, Topped, Kayti McGee certainly bursts the bubble of the carefree life of an author. The story of Miranda + Joe (or Randi + Charlie), two romance writing novelists navigating the worlds of business and pleasure. This is such an incredibly fun and funny read! A true “rom com” in every aspect.

Miranda + Joe write from two completely different philosophies, causing their pen names, Randi + Charlie, to become arch enemies. But, when their real life personas meet, the chemistry can’t be denied. Hilarity ensues when arch enemies learn the truth about one another!

I admit my favorite part of Topped is that it takes place mostly at an author’s convention. Having attended my first author signing last month, I was able to picture every scene in the hotel and felt the awkwardness as if I were in the audience during Miranda + Joe’s author panel discussion. It was the perfect setting for these characters!

I thoroughly enjoyed Ms. McGee’s first novel, Undercovers, also available on Kindle Unlimited!

As of 5.11.16, Topped is available on Kindle Unlimited.

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