44 Chapters About 4 Men by BB Easton


Having just launched KUBR in January, four months ago yesterday to be exact, blogging is still really new to me. And for better or for worse, it has, in many ways, changed the way I read. Now when I read, I highlight passages or quotes I think I might use in the review or on FB. I know a lot of you do that, but that’s just something I almost never did before. I also find myself thinking throughout, “How is this making me feel right now?” or “What’s the best way to describe this?” Sometimes, the thoughts start to flow and I’ll pop over to my Notes app (yes, I read every single book on my iPhone ~ no, not even the iPhone Plus, lol) and write a blurb or a paragraph or two.

Why am I telling you all of this? Because reading 44 Chapters about 4 Men: A Memoir by BB Easton completely blew all of that out of the water. For one, I was so enmeshed in the story, I found myself going chapter after chapter without giving a thought as to what I was going to say in the review. I was just enjoying it SO. DAMN. MUCH. And even in those brief moments when I did think of how I was going to describe it, I immediately gave up and dove back into the story. On top of all of that, this book is just written in such a way that it was unlike anything I’d read before.

44 Chapters is the memoir/diary of BB and four men throughout her life. From her first boyfriend at 15, Knight, to her current-day husband, Ken. BB was a punk girl growing up and that influences her relationships and the men she chose immensely. The story is mostly told  in journal entries ~ two different journals to be exact. Now, you know I’m vehemently anti-spoiler, so I’ll just leave it at that.

When I finished 44 Chapters last night and I couldn’t find my words, I thought, “That’s ok. It’ll come to me in the morning.” Yeah, not so much. Here I am, the morning after, and this book is just so hard to capture. It’s honest in a way that makes you want to laugh and swoon and cringe all at the same time. It’s brutally honest in such a way that I almost wasn’t sure if it was pure fiction or a true memoir, as the name states. I googled the hell out of BB Easton. I had to know ~ is this real? Is she real? What else has she written?

Here’s what I found out and she’s either crafted this amazingly complex background or she’s one of the coolest chicks around. Get this ~ she’s a school psychologist, artist, mother, wife…and, of course, now a writer. She even sells her paintings and photographs (some make an appearance in the book) on Etsy!

So do yourself a favor and download and devour this book. It is so unique (god, I hate that word) and so real, if it turns out to be a pure work of fiction, I will be shocked as hell. I guess we’ll find out at some point. Um, right?

As of 5.13.16, 44 Chapters about 4 Men: A Memoir is available on Kindle Unlimited.

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  1. B Christmas

    I read this book thanks to your review and absolutely loved it! It is completely different than anything else that is out there and was so, so, so funny! I truly want to meet BB Easton and become her new best friend!


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