Fall Back Skyward by Autumn Grey


“Did I just read that? Did I actually just read and experience that? Oh, my gosh, I did. Whoa…”

Ever finish a book and that’s all you can think about? Ever finish a book that leaves you feeling emotionally out-of-control, but you don’t know how to reel it in? Ever finish a book and you’re so grateful to the author for the journey? I just finished Autumn Grey’s Fall Back Skyward and this is how I’m feeling.

This is the journey of Cole + Nor, teenage lovers separated by angered events of the past, reunited by painful events of the present. This is a truly contemporary epic love story with Cole + Nor having to fight for a happily ever after, after family and time break their incredible bond. With all they’re put through, is a happily ever after even possible for Cole + Nor? The entire time reading, I couldn’t let go of the ache in my heart and the twists my stomach kept making reaching the conclusion.

Even after days passed, thinking about this story leaves me with butterflies. This story was so real on so many levels and I found my heart aching for these characters time and time again. I recognized just a few chapters in, this was going to wreak havoc on my emotions. Here’s the thing with that, I don’t mind having my heart ripped out and put back together again. What I fear when reading something this beautiful is having my heart ripped out, shredded, pounded on and then put back together. I know from past experience that this will leave me an emotional shell for days. I invest in the story but when it’s over, I like to walk away feeling strong and happy. And I don’t cry, not at movies or books. I’m the cold, dead hearted person who often laughs at those who do. Not even a quarter of the way into Fall Back Skyward, tears escaped my eyes. I chalked it up to being tired, as I started reading after 10pm and having been awake since 4:15am, but the truth is, Ms. Grey captured my heart. She captured it and hasn’t let it go.

I had an additional connection to this book that was totally unexpected. The story takes place in my community of North Central Florida. Imagine my surprise when small, local towns were mentioned. I don’t live in an area that many authors would consider important enough to include in such an amazing story. This made me feel even closer to Cole + Nor, because they suddenly felt like friends and neighbors, not just fictional characters.

I contacted Ms. Grey as I was reading Fall Back Skyward because of my love of this story, characters and location. I’ve never directly done this before. She was so kind in responding back and mentioned she is working on the sequel. {Note: FBS is a standalone. No cliffhanger.} While this was my first time reading her work, I can’t adequately express how excited I am to read more, mostly the follow up books in what I hope will be a series. The supporting characters of Megs, Simon, Elon, Elise, Nick and Tate have epic stories yet to be told. And how I would love an entire book written from Sirius the cat’s perspective! He was a surprising little meow of lightness when we needed it most!

As of 5.16.16, Fall Back Skyward is available on Kindle Unlimited.

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  1. Omg Robyn!! This review is the high of my day!! 💙💙 Thank you so much! It was really nice to chat with you.
    I can’t wait to share with you the next story in this series! 😊


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