Silk Stocking Inn Series by Tess Oliver + Anna Hart



Our KU Book Reviews’ FB readers nominated and selected Tess Oliver and Anna Hart’s Silk Stocking Inn series as the featured book in KUBR’s May YOU CHOOSE contest. Their fans were very enthusiastic in their support of this series. It’s an adult fairy tale romance – how can you go wrong?

Comprised of three books, Red Velvet (Jessi + Grayson), Salted Caramel (Emmie + Beck) and Mocha Latte (Becca + Jackson), each book centers around a strong, self-made woman professionally, but needing help where her heart is concerned. Enter Coco, a fairy godmother of sorts, who connects with them in a uniquely modern way – through their computers. No bibbidi-bobbidi-boo for this gal! She also captures each one through their sweet tooth via cupcakes. Hence the title of each book.

There’s a little bit of Disney meets “Nanny McPhee” in this series, with Coco’s physical features and the inn itself transforming as each couple falls in love and recognizes their feelings. These are insta-love stories to the Nth degree, as many of the early Disney classics were, in that each story takes place over a weekend. I’m a HUGE Disney girl (I’m an annual pass holder to Walt Disney World in Orlando, run Disney half marathons and worked for the company at one time for almost 4 years), so the fantasy element was familiar and fun. You are asked to suspend reality on each story, so for those seeking more realistic story lines, these book may not be for you.

Extremely fast reads, I read all three in one morning over a few hours, the Silk Stocking Inn series is a good choice if you’re seeking a whimsical, sexy read.

As of 5.23.16, Silk Stocking Inn is available on Kindle Unlimited.

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