4 New KU Read Its by Christine



Honor Love (Saints Protection & Investigations) by Maryann Jordan – All of the books in the Saints Protection & Investigations series can be read as standalones. Each book has a hero from the agency and the woman he meets and falls in love with. This book is about Angel + Monty. With every book, I think what will Maryann come up with next? All of the stories are totally original though and I love to see old friends who have been in the other books. Monty + Angel first meet in a bar where they notice each other, but they both leave and never meet. A month later, they are again at the same bar and Monty is concerned with what Angel is trying to do. From that point forward you can see something start to happen between them. Angel is a breath of fresh air as far as heroines go. She is light and funny, even when there is so much dark around her. I truly loved watching the Saints work together to keep Angel safe and watching Monty + Angel fall head over heals for each other. Maryann did it again.


Luke’s Absolution by K.L. Kreig – Wow, Luke is hot! This is the third novel in The Colloway Brothers series, but each can be read as a standalone. Each brother has his own story to tell. I have loved Luke’s character from the first book, Forsaking Gray, where you get a glimpse at who he is. I was excited to hear his love story and more importantly…who tamed him! This is a book about demons and how to move past those demons and live a life you can be proud of. It’s also a book about secrets, and if one thing would have happened differently in your past, how it would change the events of your life. KL Kreig does a wonderful job with developing these characters so you can feel their emotions with them. It’s heart wrenching and then blissful. And ,of course, when your hero is swoon-worthy, it’s always fun to read!


Waking Olivia by Elizabeth O’Roark – This was the first book that I’ve read by this author. I love a taboo romance and this was a well-written one. It also had an element of mystery to it, which I love. If a good story has romance and mystery, that is always a good story to me! The heroine in this book, Olivia, has had a terrible life and you hurt for her as you read about what she’s going through. Will is a stand-up guy with a bunch of family issues on his shoulders. Will is Olivia’s college cross-country coach. They have a hard time with each other at first, but they are drawn to one another. When Will discovers Olivia’s secret, he would do anything to help her be the runner he knows she can be. Will’s family loves Olivia and he fights his attraction, since he knows it isn’t the right thing. This was a good read with well-developed characters. I’d love to see more stories come from this set of characters.


Sway (Landry Family Series Book 1) by Adriana Locke – Ahh, political romance…is there such a thing? Romance seems to be the opposite of politics. I love to read the political romances, because you know with all of the drama that goes on in the political realm, that the hero and heroine will go through the wringer. Barrett Landry + Alison Baker are no different. Barrett is the kind of guy that every girl hopes to find.  He also has the support of a loving family behind him. He was kind of lost before he found Alison, but she makes him see what’s important in life and it may not be winning the governor’s office. Alison was hurt in the past by someone who was in a power position, and she and her son suffered for it. She won’t let that happen again.

Barrett is not only smitten with Alison, but with her son as well. You can tell a lot about a man by the way they treat a child and the Landry clan treated Alison and her son both as members of the family from the start. I loved the strength that Alison + Barrett found in each other and they each pushed the other to be better. This was a great story about love and family. I look forward to the other Landry stories because I think this series is going to be great!

As of 5.25.16, all titles are available on Kindle Unlimited.

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