Mafia Ties Series by Fiona Davenport


Okay, KUbbies, I think it’s fair to say I’m a cynic in life. When others see the glass as half full, I see that someone drank my water. When a squeal of delight is heard for spotting a rainbow, my first concern is finding the puddles left behind. It’s because I’m a cynic that I love reading romance. No matter what happens in the story, happy finds its way to the characters. A well-developed story, with complex characters, told over many pages.

When it comes to insta-love reads, well, I can’t suspend my cynicism that much to enjoy them. I usually leave these for Mila, because she has the open heart to see the joy of the rainbow umbrella in the glass that still holds half a margarita. But, anyone who knows Mila, knows that her joy of reading is infectious and can turn even the most cynical. After a week of very deep, emotional reads, she convinced me to read something that was fun and fast and guaranteed to lift my spirit. She was right.

I hadn’t yet read Fiona Davenport, a leader in the insta-love scope of our favorite genre, but that mistake has been thankfully corrected! Ms. Davenport recently released Deception and Danger, books one and two of her Mafia Ties series, the story of Nic + Anna. Nic, the dark and dangerous, single-father mafia boss who loves fiercely, and Anna, the pure, sweet nanny who stands by his side.

This fantastic insta-love story starts with Nic grappling with his new role as Mafia boss. As he works to keep his mob family strong and safe from potential underworld threats, he’s juggling with keeping his young, sickly daughter and elderly mother safe, whether at home or out in the world. Anna, with her kindness, innocence and desire to be everything central to one family, enters Nic’s life, heart and bed, when he needs her most.

As I’ve learned, this series is unlike any other Fiona Davenport series, because it tells Nic + Anna’s story across the first three books (the third, Devotion, is scheduled for release this coming Monday, June 6, and I was generously given an ARC to read), instead of one series of three books, telling the stories of one couple per book. Oh, I also quickly learned that as with her past series’, the off-the-charts hot sex in Mafia Ties is classic Davenport! Whew!!

It should be emphasized that while the Mafia Ties series is a classic cliffhanger series, there is no question of the solidity of Nic + Anna’s relationship. What’s even more exciting is that Mafia Ties continues, with the next book, Pursuit, telling the story of Brandon + Carly, characters met in books 1-3, which comes out June 20!

As of 6.3.16, Deception and Danger are available on Kindle Unlimited. Devotion will be released on Kindle Unlimited on 6.6.16.


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