Play Maker by Katie McCoy


There’s something to be said for knowing you can pick up a book by a particular author and know what you’re going to get. With Katie McCoy, I love knowing that I’m going to get a really cute, quick read, with great sex and just the right amount of drama. Play Maker is no exception.

Play Maker is the story of Nicole + James. Nicole is a hotel bartender living in LA. James is a top soccer player from the UK in town for an exhibition game staying at said hotel.

Nicole has a strict one-night stand policy. No sleepovers. No repeats. James is a noted playboy, hence the Play Maker moniker, and while it isn’t a rule per se, one night stands are his way of life as well.

So, what happens when the playboy meets the woman who doesn’t want more? It seems like a story we’ve read before, but it’s written in such a fresh way, you’ll want to read this one through. Add to that a really strong supporting cast ~ Nicole’s special needs brother, Mikey, her mother that’s returned after leaving when Nicole was only 16, her best friend and fellow bartender, Maya, and James’ best friend and manager, Ethan ~ and you have all the makings of a great read.

I don’t often say this, or think this for that matter, but it was so lively, it read like a movie and I could easily envision it becoming one. There are elements of predictability, but Play Maker is sweet and sexy and well worth your time.

As of 6.6.16, Play Maker is available on Kindle Unlimited. 

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