Lost + Found by Carrie Aarons


I’m not a reader that can handle a cliffhanger, so I waited until I had both Lost and Found on my Kindle before I jumped in. There’s a small part of me that wishes I’d read Lost sooner, if only because it was so incredibly good. The practical side of me, however, knows that I would have stewed until Found made its way into my hands. If you haven’t delved in to Lost just yet, lucky for you, you don’t have to wait and can read them back-to-back.

Lost and Found are the two books that make up the Captive Heart series by Carrie Aarons. It is the story of Tucker + Charlotte. Growing up, Tucker was the most popular boy in school and Charlotte was the good girl without any friends. Think this is a story you’ve read before? Think again.

When we first meet Charlotte + Tucker, Charlotte is opening the bank she works for and Tucker is the heroine addict robbing said bank. Again, you might think you know where this is going? You don’t.

Followers of the blog know that I am vehemently anti-spoiler, so I won’t reveal any more of the story. I will just say this: these books were an emotional roller coaster in the most subtle and most wonderful of ways. Their story is heartfelt and grounded and real. It beautifully captures what it’s like to grow up never feeling like you’re good enough and what it means to find and recognize the person you were meant to be with.

There are very few books I read where the sex actually feels like it heals the two lovers or connects them in a way so far and above beyond the sex that you, as a reader, truly feel them become one. Don’t get me wrong, the sex in both Lost and Found is seriously, seriously hot (for reals!), but there are some moments throughout the two books where you feel the act realigns the two and connects them in the way that sex with your one true love should.

I read these two books back-to-back, one evening and then the next morning. If you’re like me, set aside some time to read both as you will not want to put them down.

On another note, I had read a few of Ms. Aarons’ books in the past (see my review Kissed by Reality here) and always thought that her books had that something ‘more’ than just your everyday romance novel. Even still, these two books far surpassed any expectations I’d had.

Lastly, can Jackie + Chad please have their own story? I love women that own their sexuality and honestly, I just can’t resist a bearded, mun-wearing bartender. *swoon*

As of 6.9.16, Lost and Found are both available on Kindle Unlimited.

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