4 New KU Read Its by Christine



Models on Top – Danny by S.L. Scott – I have to admit, I have it bad for Danny Weston.  Not only is he a hot-as-hell model, but he is completely, 100% in love with his ex-girlfriend, Reese, after 10 long years apart. Once he lays eyes on her again, he doesn’t even entertain the idea of another girl. I completely fell for him, with his devotion to Reese. Even in the flashbacks, she was always it for him, even when he started with modeling all over the world and all of the temptation that comes with that. Reese is a successful ad manager at a firm in New York. Her ex-boyfriend is her boss and thorn in her side. Reese fought her feelings for Danny at first, but I was glad to see her give into them so completely. They are meant to be together. Vinnie was an awesome secondary character. He owns the brand that Danny is modeling and quickly becomes Reese’s best friend and Danny’s ally to win her back. He made me laugh time and time again. Danny’s best friend, Luke, was also another strong supporting character. I loved watching the bromance between those two. I’m hoping that Luke has a book of his own in the future. I really enjoyed this second-chance romance book.


Losing You (Stars on Fire Book 4) by Ryleigh Andrews – OK, so you won’t get through this book without some tears. I made the mistake of reading the end of it while on the elliptical at the gym and to my utter embarrassment, I almost fell off as my throat constricted with tears and I couldn’t breathe. Oops! This is such a great story of love, loss, friendship and second chances. The lesson throughout the book is that a person needs to like themselves before they are ready to commit to someone else. Marc, Lizzie and Tom have good times and bad times, but the one thing that remains constant is their love and support of one another. This is not a love triangle book or a threesome. It’s about friends whose life paths take them down different roads, and friends become lovers, and then they get lost along the way. It’s about being wrecked and then rising from the ashes and giving love a second chance. It’s a grab-a-box-of-tissues-before-you-read book. Lastly, although Losing You is book 4 of a series, it can be read as a standalone.


All the Waters of the Earth (Giving You…Book 3) by Leslie McAdam – What an incredibly sweet romance! This was the first book I’ve read by Leslie. I loved the writing! Let me clarify, there was plenty of panty melting action in the book, it’s just the characters were both so endearing.  Jake + Lucy both have suffered from abandonment in their past and it plagues them in moving forward.  Jake is a workaholic, since that is what he thought he needed to do to succeed in life. Lucy is raising a son on her own after getting pregnant in high school and having the father walk away from her. Lucy is everything that Jake didn’t know he needed. I loved Jake’s vulnerability. I read a lot of books where the male is very alpha and dominating. Jake was a little damaged and unsure of himself. Lucy was a strong character and helped to heal Jake. In the end, what they really need is each other. I really enjoyed this read.


False Start (The Mavericks Series) by Julianna Marley – What a great start for a new series! False Start is the first book in the Maverick series and is about football hero Jax Monaghan and his wife, Alivia. The biggest reason that I liked this book is that I am not a 20-something person and the characters in this book were living and struggling through real marriage issues, like a lot of us do. It had the typical meeting of the characters and them falling in love, but then it moved forward to five years later into their marriage. For those of us who have been married or in long-term relationships, we know that it’s not all hearts and flowers; it takes work. I loved that this book focused on both people having to make some changes, both with their thinking and communication so that they didn’t lose the one person they loved more than anything. Sometimes love isn’t enough when it gets buried beneath so much other stuff. This was a great story about reconnecting and rebuilding, and not throwing in the towel and walking away. I can’t wait to see who the next Maverick story will be about. Loved this cast of characters!

As of 6.9.16, all titles are available on Kindle Unlimited.



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