Sacrifice by Adriana Locke



KU Book Reviews’ FB readers nominated and selected Sacrifice by Adriana Locke as the featured book in June’s YOU CHOOSE contest. I’d read a few books by Ms. Locke previously, but nothing quite like Sacrifice. And, honestly, I simply wasn’t prepared for it.

I read Sacrifice this past weekend and have struggled with what to write here in the review, not because I didn’t love it, but because I did. You might think, “Well, if you loved it, then how hard is it to talk about it?” The thing is, I think if you read a gushing review about this book and you jump in with that mindset, you’re in jeopardy of being blind-sided. Sacrifice is a romance novel. It is a love story. It does have sex, albeit not a ton, but still, it’s definitely sexy. It has all of the elements of a story that we all expect in this genre, but there’s more. A lot more.

Sacrifice is the story of Julia + Crew. Julia is Crew’s brother’s widow. We know that from the blurb and we know that we’re in for an emotional ride. We’re even told that another disaster hits. What we don’t know is what that disaster is and just how emotional that ride will become. We don’t know how heart wrenching and sad and helpless one feels reading about it.

This book isn’t easy, but as the saying goes, nothing worth having ever came easy. Sacrifice will make you feel and it will make you ache. It will make you laugh and you can be sure it will make you cry. Prepare yourself for the ride and then jump in. I’m not going to lie, it might not be for everyone. I have many reader friends that avoid putting their heart in jeopardy when reading. They want easy and light and fun. If that’s what you want, then, no, Sacrifice isn’t for you. But, if you want a book that will take you on a journey and allow you to experience an incredibly wide range of emotions; if you want a book that will make you FEEL, then yes, yes, YES! This book is for you. I promise you’ll enjoy the ride.

As of 6.13.16, Sacrifice is available on Kindle Unlimited.

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