Finley + Devil’s Kiss by Ella Frank


I’m not exactly sure why, but lately, I’ve been drawn to MM (male-male) and MFM (male-female-male) books. I think a part of the draw is that I want something different from the mainstream books that I’ve been reading and, I think partly, I want to read about something of which I don’t have any experience.

I started with MFM books, simply because they landed on my radar first. I found a number of MFM books that I have loved (hello, MOTO!), however, when it came to MM, I honestly didn’t know where to start.

When I told my friend, Beth, that I was looking for some good MM books, she immediately recommended Finley by Ella Frank. It had a number of things going for it: she loved it, it was KU and its sequel, Devil’s Kiss, was releasing soon. I read Finley and fell in love with Daniel Finley, or Finn, and Brantley. Their story is told in a series of flashbacks between the time when Finn was in college as Brantley’s student and the present day, when Finn returns to Sunset Cove after seven years of living in Chicago. The Finn of today is very different than the Finn that left Sunset Cove as a young man. Now, at 30, and after living and working in an urban environment for much of his adult life, the surfer boy is every bit the corporate lawyer he went to Chicago to become. As a result, the dynamic between the two has completely reversed. The question is, can Finn + Brantley find each other again? Can they reconcile who they’ve each become and find what it was that brought them together so many years ago?

Finley has everything I look for in a great read: a beautiful story (I’m a sucker for second chance romances), loving, complex, smart characters and great sex scenes. The writing and story development are superb and Finn + Brantley most definitely found their way into my heart. As did their friends, Derek + Jordan, whom we meet as peripheral characters in Finley. From the time that we meet them, we know that they have a history, we just don’t yet know what that history is.

When we meet up with Derek + Jordan in Devil’s Kiss, from the onset we know it’s going to be a wild ride. Theirs is an emotional journey in an entirely different way from Finn + Brantley’s. And, while I don’t generally admit this, I have to say that as much as I thought I loved Finn + Brantley, I LOVED Derek + Jordan. I don’t know if it’s the mystery of their relationship and how events transpired or that there’s something innately more delicate about them as individuals, but watching them grow, both separately and together, and seeing how they perfectly complement each other, helped the two of them find an even bigger space in my heart that, still many weeks later, has not dissipated.

As of 6.17.16, Finley and Devil’s Kiss are available on Kindle Unlimited.

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