Kick, Push + Coast by Jay McLean


Some days I look at my “To Be Read” list and just feel overwhelmed. So many great reads all vying for my attention and I just can’t figure out how to choose the next book. Every now and then though, one book sort of screams “READ ME” and I know to listen.

When word broke a few days ago that Jay McLean’s lastest book Coast was available on Kindle Unlimited, I immediately downloaded it. I already had the previous book in the series, Kick, Push on my list. Now was my chance to read the complete story.

Kick, Push and Coast, Books 2 and 3 of her The Road Series (Book 1 of the series is Where the Road Takes Me), tell the breathtaking, and often, heartbreaking tale of Josh + Becca. At age 16, Josh Warden had his life planned out, due to his immense talent for skate boarding, but life had other plans. Josh suddenly finds himself broke, homeless and a teenage father to his son, Tommy.

Abandoned by his family, his baby momma’s family and his baby momma, Josh’s salvation comes in the form of an older woman, Chazarae, who offers Josh a place to live, and his uncle and aunt, Robby and Kim, who give him a job. Josh is willing to sacrifice to make a life for Tommy.

Fate brings Becca, a young woman with a tormented and horrifying past, to her grandmother, Chazarae, when Becca needs to learn the lesson of genuine love and support the most. A survivor of a car crash that killed her mother, Becca’s vocal chords were severely damaged. As a result, she doesn’t talk much, and only at a whisper, but takes in everything through her striking emerald colored eyes. Those eyes capture Josh, heart and soul. Becca’ salvation comes in form of Josh’s touch and sound of his voice and Tommy’s innocent purity and ability to love unconditionally.

There were moments in the books that made it very difficult to read – they physically stole my breath. As Becca’s history is revealed, it made me queasy to think of a child being treated the way she was. To understand her fears, mostly that love means hurt and abandonment, was overwhelming. Yet, through the pain I felt for her, I simply couldn’t put the books down. I needed to know how Becca’s story would end. I also needed to know if Josh could truly overcome all the obstacles thrown in his way to find the happiness he longed for – giving his son the world, while raising him to be a kind, compassionate boy.

It can’t be stressed enough the importance of reading Kick, Push and Coast together, one then the other. Tthehese are not standalone books, and must be read sequentially to understand Josh + Becca’s history. {Note: I have not yet read Where the Road Takes Me.} These are amazing books to read as part of your summer reading, but know your emotions are going to be lead down a dark path before reaching the light.

As of 6.22.16, Kick, Push and Coast are available on Kindle Unlimited.

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