Man Candy by Melanie Harlow


Life has been emotionally heavy lately. Like everyone else, I have a million things going on at any given second. I rarely get that moment just to catch my breath. Not complaining, really I’m not. I’ve created this full and fulfilling life, so I’m often surprised when I choose a heavy read to relax with. Not this week though! This week I selected a lighthearted, happy-go-lucky read!

Melanie Harlow’s Man Candy was exactly the sweet treat I needed! I devoured this book the way I do a bag of Starburst jellybeans (hey, judgement free zone here), and walked away with a goofy grin at the end. The best part too – all man candy without the guilt or stomach ache!

Jaime + Quinn’s history is the basis for this second-chance love story. Friends from childhood, things turned when one confessed love for the other, and the other laughed in the moment. Grown adults, with career successes, but not much else, they reunite and learn that one believes wholeheartedly that love is a fairy tale, and the other is seeking a true happily ever after.

The fun comes in their rebuilt friendship and the attempts at discovering what love is, is it real and is it attainable? I confess to being a bit nervous about a stereotypical, jaded character being shown the error of their ways, but that’s not at all what Ms. Harlow delivered. She wrote characters so genuine and so grounded in their beliefs, it was as if she had a conversation with a real couple and wrote their story. The truth is, I don’t know how Ms. Harlow created Jaime + Quinn, I’m just really happy she did!

As of 6.28.16, Man Candy is available on Kindle Unlimited.

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