KUBR One-Click Addict Recap

Welcome, KUbbies and Addicts! Here are five more Kindle Unlimited finds to feed your bibliophilic tendencies over the long holiday weekend! Enjoy!


BUY IT {Mila}: Cleat Catcher by Celia Aaron + Sloane Howell – Full disclosure: I know nothing about sports. I live in a city, Chicago, that is filled with die-hard sports fans and has TWO baseball teams and yet I couldn’t tell you the last time I went to a game. With that said, how the heck did I fall in love with a book about baseball?  READ THE FULL REVIEW HERE


READ IT {Mila}: Modern Girl’s Guide to Kink by Gina Drayer – When Robyn and I started talking about this week’s Recap, the first words out of my mouth about this one were, “It’s a really sweet book about BDSM…” and we both immediately fell into hysterics. I know that sounds crazy, but it’s true. MGGtK is the story of Kim + Cash. Kim is the kinky girl. Cash is the nice guy next store, that just so happens to have a dominant side. This book was fun and sexy and the chemistry between the two is off the charts. The story beyond the relationship is well fleshed out and features a great cast of characters. What I didn’t know going in is that each of Kim’s friends is featured in other “Modern Girl’s Guide to…” books by Gina Drayer, all available on KU, and I can’t wait to read each and everyone of them!


READ IT {Robyn}: Restless (Relentless Series Book 2) by Alyson Reynolds – The second in her Relentless series, Restless tells the story of Taylor + Stephen. Taylor has lived with wanderlust her entire adult life, never been giving a reason to stay still in one place. That is until Stephen, her childhood-friend-turned-adult-lover comes into her life. But sometimes those who wander are lost and love isn’t always the answer. Ms. Reynolds has done a wonderful job of telling the tale of a women riddled with self-doubt and a man with trust issues. Restless is a standalone, but I highly encourage readers start with Relentless to understand the key players, their history and their potential futures!


READ IT {Robyn}: Pursuit (Mafia Ties #4) by Fiona Davenport – Ms. Davenport continues with her quick and dirty serial, picking up with Brandon + Carly. We first met them in the original Mafia Ties triology, where their attraction and desire for each other was obvious and hot. On the run from her father, Carly is under the protective watch of Brandon. Close contact leads to CLOSE contact as they give into their wanting. Whooo wheee! Be on the lookout for Power (Mafia Ties #5) releasing July 7th!


BUY IT {Robyn}: Zeke’s Eden by K. Webster – I admit, I LOVE K. Webster. She is a smart, savvy, prolific writer that manages to give us unique stories and interesting characters. She also gives us the dark side, which I admit to having a fondness for! With Zeke’s Eden, she tells the insta-love story of Zeke + Eden, a good man with a dark past and a good girl trying to go bad. After meeting in a bar one night, they don’t attempt to fight their undeniable desire. Although they recognize they belong together after just one steamy night of passion, fate steps in with other plans. Can they outwit and outplay the game they find themselves in to have a forever? This is a cliffhanger!

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