4 New KU Read Its by Christine




A Beautiful Sin by A.M. Hargrove and Terri Laine – I went into this book thinking it was going to be similar to Sierra Simone’s Priest, but it was not at all. Aside from the men being priests, that is where the stories’ similarities end.  Canaan + Haven have both been raised in the Catholic faith and have had horrible things happen to them in their childhoods. Both Haven + Canaan hide their pasts and want so badly to move on with their futures, but those things in their past continue to surface, making moving on difficult. Canaan has never known a woman intimately; his whole life has been consumed by God. Haven doesn’t get close to men, because that would allow them power over her, and she will never allow that to happen. I loved this couple’s chemistry, even though taboo. They both fill the void left by the secrets they are keeping and make things a little brighter. They complete each other.

This story does touch on some things that the Catholic church likes to sweep under the rug. If those types of stories bother you, then this story will not be for you. There is more than the priest-falling-in-love aspect of the story that may bother some. I am a Catholic and I thought how the authors portrayed things was very respectful to the faith in keeping with the story. There are ugly truths out there and this story brings to light some of the things that the Catholic church has struggled with in the past.

I thought the story was very well told. For those that are curious, there are not a bunch of steamy sex scenes. I really thought this was a beautiful story.


Burn by Ruth Clampett – I really enjoyed this read. Trisha is a snarky fire fighter who just had the rug pulled out from under her. She caught her husband cheating on her with a man and she is devastated. Joe is Trisha’s Lieutenant at the firehouse. She never sees much of him until she separates from her husband, then they are on the same shift.  When Joe needs a place to park his mobile home for a while, Trisha jumps at the chance for him to park it at her place. Sparks fly between Trisha + Joe.

I loved Trisha’s quick witty banter with her family and coworkers. She is hurting, but finds a way through her pain. Joe is the strong, silent type. He has always wanted Trisha from afar and when her marriage falls apart he wants to pick up the pieces.

There is good humor in here as well as a good love story. I also love Trisha’s family. If you’ve read Wet by Ruth Clampett, Trisha is Paul’s sister, so we are again acquainted with their crazy family. This is an enjoyable read.


Blue Moon #3 (Story of Us Series – Into the Blue) by Sydney Jamesson – This is the 6th and final book in the Ayden + Beth story. The first three books are in a trilogy which is titled, The Story of Us. The second trilogy is called Into the Blue. This is the third book in Into the Blue and the conclusion of Beth + Ayden’s epic love story. All six of the books are available on KU.

These books have brought us an epic modern day fairy tale.  When Beth + Ayden first meet, you feel the sparks between them immediately. It doesn’t take long for them to realize they are soulmates. However, they run into a lot of obstacles along the way. These books will make you feel every emotion. I would recommend reading with boxes of tissues. This final book in their story brings everything together. We have seen Ayden + Beth survive hell and find their way back to each other. This final book wraps up all of the stories in the previous books and gives us the perfect happily ever after for our hero and heroine. If you want books that have an intricately woven story with villains, guardian angels and, of course, our hero and heroine, this series will move you like no other.

This author writes with such great detail and emotion. Every character is well written. I felt something on every page.  Rightfully so, after so many pages, Beth + Ayden will live on forever in my memory with their epic love story.


Knox: (A Sexy Bastard Novel) by Eve Jagger – If you love a sexy baseball player (and a story where the sister falls in love with the brother’s best friend), then this will be a great read for you! Cooper Knox + Shelby Masters have a chance meeting on New Year’s Eve (you can read about this night in Knox Novella, which is also available on KU). Shelby realizes who Knox is and knows he should be off limits, but she can’t fight the chemistry between them. Knox plays for the Yankees and doesn’t think he’ll ever see Shelby again, since he didn’t get her number and knew she only wanted the one night. When he realizes that she is one of his best friend’s sisters, he knows that he can’t want her…but he does!

This story is one of fighting feelings and then trying to hide a new relationship. Shelby + Knox have insane chemistry and are falling for one another, but Shelby’s brother would hate the idea of them together. This was a good read. I always love the “little sister in love with the big brother’s best friend” stories! This was a great group of friends as well. I have to go back and read the previous books, and I look forward to Shelby’s brother, Jackson’s book.

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