Grinder by Samantha Whiskey


Here it is, my truth: I think Kindle Unlimited is one of the greatest inventions of modern times. Yes, I write for a blog all about Kindle Unlimited books, but I do so because of my love of the truly unlimited supply of books at one low monthly fee! Why am I gushing about KU? Because it did exactly what it should by sending me straight into the covers of a brand new author, Samantha Whiskey, and her first book, Grinder (Seattle Sharks Book 1) , a fantastic friends-to-lovers story! Thank you, KU!

Grinder tells the romantic tale of Gage + Bailey. Gage, a single, professional hockey player and his childhood, Ivy League educated best friend, Bailey. Finding himself in need of a live-in nanny to care for 3-year-old daughter, Lettie, Gage hires Bailey while she determines what she really wants to do with her life. Of course, it also helps that Bailey adores Lettie as if she were her own. Gage + Bailey’s friendship takes a turn for the better when they admit their feelings to each other, but that doesn’t mean smooth sailing. Issues of trust and abandonment and an undecided future lurk in the background to destroy what they’re working to build.

I loved how Ms. Whiskey reveals snippets of Gage + Bailey’s childhood together, showing how  the love they feel has always been there, but never acted on. While they have friends from school and work they can rely on and confide in, the truth is, no one knows them better than one another. The desire and need to be together is so real – I can’t tell you how many high school sweethearts from my graduating class are still together today!

For her first time out, Ms. Whiskey hit a home run! She told a sweet story that’s fast and fun to read. She also did it without a cliffhanger – yay! Even better, she introduced great friends on which to build this series! Not only will we get a glimpse of Gage, Bailey and Lettie in book two, Enforcer, but we get to see how Gage’s hockey playing buddy, Rory, manages love!

As of 7.11.16, Grinder is available in Kindle Unlimited

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