Like A Boss by Logan Chance



Earlier this month, KU Book Reviews’ FB readers overwhelmingly nominated and voted for Like A Boss by first-time author, Logan Chance as the featured KU book in July’s YOU CHOOSE contest. As I’ve recently learned, Logan is one half of The Brothers Chance, along with his brother, Jacob, whose debut novel, QUAKE, was released last month.

Like A Boss is the insta-love, insta-hate story of Theo + Penelope. Did you catch that? Insta-love in that they have a VERY steamy, instant connection one night, but thanks to the outfit she’s wearing and disappearing act the next morning, Theo doesn’t really know who she is. Insta-hate in that they clash like oil and water when Penelope, now Penny, shows up for work one morning to learn that Theo is the new owner of the bar where she works. Yep, he’s her new boss. Unfortunately, despite having dreamt of his one-night stand for months, Theo doesn’t recognize Penelope for who she is to him and Penelope never reveals herself.

I really liked this book, despite a few issues that I had with it. Namely, that Theo purchased a bar having no prior experience, and that while Penelope is a very strong character, which I loved, I didn’t find the ideas that she presented as particularly earth shattering. That said, Like A Boss is a worthy start for a new writer and it will be interesting to see where Mr. Chance takes Theo + Penelope on this push-and-pull journey they seem to be on. Be prepared – it is a cliffhanger, but one I think you’ll enjoy!

As of 7.13.16, Like A Boss is available on Kindle Unlimited.

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