KUBR One-Click Addict Recap

Heya, KUbbies and Addicts! Here are five more Kindle Unlimited reads for you to enjoy!


READ IT {Robyn}: Edge of Chaos by Molly E. LeeEdge of Chaos tells the emotional tale of Blake, a young woman who learns the words and actions of real love should never hurt, and Dash, the man who helps teach her that lesson. While at times the conversations and events we find Blake in can be uncomfortable, Ms. Lee brilliantly captures the thoughts and feelings of someone who knows only the hateful side of love. A spectacular debut book!


READ IT •RETRO REVIEW• {Mila}: Flash Point by Brooke Blaine – I’ve had Brooke Blaine’s L.A. Liaisons series (Licked and Hooker) on my TBR list since Hooker came out in March. However, during an Author Takeover on Facebook the other night with Ms. Blaine and Ella Frank (for their new release Aced), I learned about Flash Point. It piqued my interest and I happened to have just finished another book, so I jumped right in.

Flash Point, a quick and sexy read, is the story of Katherine + Jason. Katherine’s life is in danger and Jason is the incredibly hot body guard assigned to protect her. The sexual tension between these two is off the charts and I felt like I was waiting on pins and needles for them to finally get together. The backstory is solid and well-written, and I greatly enjoyed the banter between the two. I loved their connection and the way they seemed to understand one another in a way that others didn’t. This is a romantic suspense novel and it will undoubtedly keep you guessing until the end.


READ IT {Robyn}: Roommates: A Standalone Stepbrother Romance (Soulmates Series Book 1) by Hazel KellyRoommates is the slow-burn, angst filled story of Ethan + Jenny, step-siblings who had crushes on one another before their parents met and married, but  never expressed their feelings. Fast forward years later when Jenny is on the brink of hitting it big, but needs a place to stay while her career takes off. Ethan is able to offer that space, but they can’t deny what they’ve felt for seven years. Ms. Kelly is a new-to-me author, but definitely one I plan to read more of!


READ IT {Christine}: Yesterday’s Tomorrows by M.E. Montgomery – For those that see me on different Facebook pages and the blog, you can probably surmise that I read a fair amount of books. Most of the time, when I read a book the hero stays with me. I like the heroines, but I usually do forget names. However, Maddy from Yesterday’s Tomorrows is one that I will always remember. She has an endearing personality. She has led a tough life, with very few people to trust or support her, and was put away for a crime that she shouldn’t have been. However, this girl, who has nothing, is kind and giving and is always looking out for those around her. She is one that I will most assuredly remember. Holt, our leading man, is a good hero, too. He has suffered unthinkable loss and doesn’t think he’ll ever love again – until Maddy.

This is a story with a little suspense as we find out who is after Maddy and what led up to her time in prison. This is also a story about second chances in life, taking them, and making the most of them. Most of all it’s a love story and how one’s heart has an infinite capacity to love. All of the characters in the book are well-written, which includes Holt’s family whom I loved! A definite must read.


READ IT {Mila}: Always Us by Stephanie Rose – I recently read and reviewed Finding Me, the story of Bella + Owen, and fell in love with this cast of characters. Upon finishing, I immediately jumped into Always You, the story of Samantha + Lucas, Bella’s parents, and have been talking about these books ever since. Always Us is a novella that takes place in between Always You and Finding Me. It is an incredibly sweet, quick read that gives us a glimpse into what life is like for Samantha + Lucas, now that they are together and raising their family. I highly recommend all three books and although I read them completely out of order, I would recommend you read them in order (Always You, then Always Us, then Finding Me). It didn’t take away from my love of a single written word, but I think it would be best read as Ms. Rose intended.

As of 7.15.16, all titles are available on Kindle Unlimited.

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