Moore to Love by Faith Andrews


It’s not news to anyone that women are held to an unreasonable physical standard. It’s also not news that the majority of women in romance novels tend to have it all – at least physically: thin, great hair, big boobs, the works. Quite frankly, I can’t argue with that. For one, reading for many of us is an escape and reading about a woman that doesn’t have struggles with her physical self is something most of us dream about. Second, in the thousands of books that I’ve read, I don’t think I’ve read about a single male lead that didn’t have rock hard abs and a sizeable package. You never hear about the guy with a dad-body and a member of average length, right?

All of that being said, there are a number of BBW heroines as well as a number of books about women who struggle with their bodies and are on a journey to self-acceptance. Just last week, Robyn reviewed a book about a woman finding self acceptance. While she really enjoyed the book, we discussed it at length after she read it and the thing that struck her the most, having been a woman that went through similar physical struggles, was that the character seemed to have done it for others, rather than herself. As someone who has also struggled with her weight, I agreed with Robyn wholeheartedly when she said, “Nope! In order to make a lifelong change, it has to be for YOU! Nobody else.”

I was sent an ARC of Moore to Love by Faith Andrews a few weeks ago and went in blind. I honestly hadn’t read a single blurb and had no idea what I was in for – I just knew that I adored Faith and was excited to read her new book. With the conversation with Robyn still fresh in my mind, it continually struck me throughout the book how much Moore to Love captured exactly what we had discussed.

Moore to Love is the story of Madeline “Leni” Moore. Leni has always struggled with her weight, and in finding love. Her brother is getting married and she decides, with a little prompting from her sister-in-law, to tackle her weight head on. When I think about all of the things I loved in particular about this book, I find that addressing those will give away too much and I am vehemently anti-spoiler. As a reader, I want to experience all of those things for myself first – not in a review. Overall, I have to say that Leni continually comes back to the one truth in all of this – she has to do this for herself. That is what has stuck with me since I finished the book.  Also, that acceptance comes in many forms and perfection looks different to everyone.

Aside from the body issues and finding acceptance, Moore to Love is simply a fabulous story. It’s funny and fresh and the writing in this book is just so damn good. There were so many laugh out loud moments and it kept me entertained throughout. Plus, the cast of characters provides the perfect world for Leni’s personality to shine through. There’s, of course, a love story as well and it will keep you guessing throughout. Again, I love how that was handled. I can’t recommend this book enough and I hope you love it as much as I did.

As of 7.21.16, Moore to Love is available on Kindle Unlimited.

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