Hard Core by Tess Oliver


Do you ever dream of a do-over in your life? You know, that one moment or span of time when your life was changed forever because of a snap decision or just being young, stupid and not knowing any better? Tess Oliver’s Hard Core is a beautifully written story about second chances. Getting to do it all over, better and have it change your life for good.

Hard Core tells the tale of Ledger, a man released from prison getting a chance to re-do life and Jacy, the woman who deserves a chance to re-do love. Both emotionally broken, his from a childhood tragedy he never recovered from, hers from tragedies no woman should bear, neither Ledger nor Jacy can deny the pull toward one another. But can their pasts pull them apart?

Ms. Oliver tackles very dark and painful themes in such a kind and gentle manner. She’s written strong characters in Ledger + Jacy, but shows underneath the tough exterior there are demons that must be battled. And while she uses love as the weapon of choice, she reminds us, especially with Ledger, that learning to love yourself and forgive your past mistakes is the truest way to be free and move forward.

Oh, she’s also given us Rex. Undoubtedly one of the most honest and real characters I’ve ever read. He’s big, clunky and wants what he wants. Loyal to a fault though, brave and heroic, he’s the epitome of man’s best friend. Hard Core is a non-cliffhanger standalone that has loads of twists and turns to keep you hooked. Most important, Rex gets his HEA!

As of 7.28.16, Hard Core is available on Kindle Unlimited.

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