The First Taste by Jessica Hawkins


Slip of the Tongue, the first book in this series by Jessica Hawkins, was one of my favorite reads this year. Being a divorcee (I kinda love that word, as I often feel like a bumbling teenager), I really connected with that book in so many ways. Not as it relates to adultery (thank goodness), but just what it felt like to be in a marriage that wasn’t working. So, when I had the opportunity to receive an ARC for The First Taste, I jumped at the chance.

The First Taste is the story of Andrew + Amelia. Andrew is a tattooed, hard-working single father (I mean, seriously, one of the hottest BBFs EVER!) to Bell (one of the many bright spots in this novel), and Amelia is in the middle of a divorce, runs a PR firm and never has a hair out of place. I know, I know, we can see where this is going, but to say it’s simply an “opposites attract” story does these two a great disservice. They might be opposites in many ways, but they are also alike due to their past experiences in love. And through each other, I think they each find parts of themselves they’d never before explored. Again, I found myself relating to this book in ways I never expected. Dating post-divorce, it’s interesting how my relationships with different men allow me to explore parts of myself I didn’t know existed, and I could see parts of Amelia come through that moved me.

Ms. Hawkins is a stunningly gifted writer. She captures relationships and emotions that are so raw and so real and make you feel connected to her characters in a way you didn’t quite expect, or even think was possible. And, can I just say, the sex in The First Taste is insanely hot. You know it wouldn’t be a review from me if I didn’t address that.

The First Taste is a standalone novel, but we first meet both Andrew + Amelia in SOTT, which is the story of Sadie + Nathan. Andrew is Sadie’s brother and Amelia is Sadie’s boss. The First Taste came out today and this is one you seriously need to download and read as soon as you can. Move it WAY up the TBR and if you haven’t yet read SOTT, get on it!

As of 8.4.16, both titles are available on Kindle Unlimited.

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