4 New KU Read Its by Christine



Point of Origin by Rebecca Yarros – If you are looking for a novella that is everything a novel is, then this story will be right up your alley. I have a harder time with novellas, since I always feel like there were details left out or I didn’t get a complete story. Point of Origin blew all of that out of the water. Even though this is a short story, it has well-developed characters and a band of friends whose stories I am eager to watch unfold. It has a great second-chance love story for Emerson (Emmy) + Bash. We even get to meet some of the residents of the small town of Legacy, Colorado.  There is a lot of story packed into these pages.

Bash walked out on Emmy six years ago after finally making her his when she turned 18. It broke Emmy and it took years for her to get her life back on track. Now Bash is back trying to resurrect their dad’s Hotshot team in town. There is still intense heat between Bash + Emmy. It’s fun to see them reconnect since Emmy doesn’t make anything easy for Bash, but does help him with his goal of starting the new Hotshot team. This was a great second-chance romance read.


Wednesday by Kendall Ryan – This was the first Kendall Ryan book I’ve read and wow, was it steamy!  Chloe + Shaw have been best friends since they were kids. There was never anything romantic between them until the night of Shaw’s wife’s funeral. He needs her like he’s never needed her before.  Shaw + Chloe navigate the waters of what their relationship is turning into and what they mean to each other. I would call this more of a novella since the story wasn’t very long.  I personally would have liked to have seen more into the characters Shaw + Chloe and Jason, who is Chloe’s brother. There were a couple of scenes as well that I would have liked to have had more information from, but overall a really good, hot, read. Perfect for an afternoon at the beach.


The Real Soccer Moms of Beaver County by Magan Vernon and HJ Bellus – This book made me laugh! I loved how the authors took four women who live in this small town and told us their stories. They are the crazy soccer moms at the games yelling at the refs and doing anything to get their kids more playing time. This is really four separate stories about Luna, Blanche, Moira and Queenie and their journey during the soccer season. These women are best friends and it gives you a glimpse of their crazy life in Beaver County. There are laugh out loud moments and moments where you can’t believe what is their life. Underneath it all, are women who love their kids and will do anything for them. I thought it was a witty and fun read.


Love Entwined by MC Decker – This is a book that from the prologue breaks your heart in half and then gradually heals it throughout the book. Bentley + Ireland have a second chance at a happily ever after. They grew up together and were in love as teenagers, but a tragic accident took Ireland away from Bentley and everything she ever knew. Twenty years later, they meet at their best friends’ wedding and the connection from all those years ago is still there. Ireland has never fallen in love with anyone but Bentley, because everyone she has ever loved has left her.  There is an accident that will test the true love that Bentley and Ireland have. Ireland + Bentley to me are the definition of soulmates. This book is a short read, but a good one. Ireland + Bentley are strong characters and I loved Ireland’s best friend Katie, too. I thought the story was really good and I fell in love with Bentley and Ireland.

As of 8.5.16, all titles are available on Kindle Unlimited.



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