Off Key by CJ Martín


Everyone has an answer for the age-old question, “Can a man and woman have a truly platonic friendship?” I think that answer is yes, friends come in all shapes, colors and genders. When a friendship starts between two people who are deeply attracted to each other and fight the attraction, well, that’s an entirely different situation.

CJ Martín tackles the crossing of that line so wonderfully in her second novel, Off Key. Off Key tells the story of Brandon, a rock star in recovery for addiction, and Brynn, a hard-working professional dancer struggling to figure out life. From the moment they meet, an undeniable bond forms between them, but with his lifestyle and past demons, Brandon doesn’t want to take their relationship beyond friendship. Brynn is very compliant, doing her best to stay in the friend zone, but ultimately they give in to their longing. Can they be lovers and friends without damaging their connection?

CJ Martín is a relatively new author, having released one book, Snowbound, October 2015. I’m so happy I’ve discovered her while she’s early in her career! Her character development is spot on and her ability to tell a story left me unable to put the book down! I think it will take no time for her to form a strong reader following and fan base! I’m really excited to read more from her!

As of 8.9.16, Off Key is available on Kindle Unlimited.

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