KUBR Author Interview | Kandi Steiner

Heya, Kubbies! Welcome to the first edition of our new monthly feature where we interview some of our favorite authors. Each posted interview will be followed up by a Live Q&A in KUbbies’ Korner, where you’ll have a chance to ask your questions!

We’re thrilled to welcome Kandi Steiner to KUBR as our very first author. Kandi is the author of the recent bestseller, Weightless, as well as the Palm South University and Chasers series, amongst others.

{Kandi will be live in the Korner tonight, August 16 at 9pm ET!}

Without further ado, here we go!

The gorgeous blonde, Kandi Steiner, with the fabulous Staci Hart.

The Writing Stuff:

Have you always been a writer? If not, when did you start writing?

I like to think I’ve always been a writer in my heart. My love for writing stemmed from my love for reading, and I worked to perfect my craft throughout high school and college. But really, I wrote my first poem in 4th grade and have been writing ever since. 🙂 

What is your writing process like?

Writing process? What’s that? 😛 I wish I had a process that stayed the same, but honestly it changes every time. Usually, when I start writing, I have a general idea of who my characters are and I have the story somewhat plotted out in my mind. But, my favorite part about writing is that most of the story creates itself as I write, and that’s pretty magical.

Do you have one book that you’re most proud of or that you like the best?

I think I’m most proud of Weightless because it took a year and a half to write, edit, and release it. It was really difficult for me, but in the end, it was worth it. 🙂

Is there an author who inspired your writing?

I’m inspired by a lot of authors, but I will say the first time I realized I wanted to be a writer was after reading the first Harry Potter book in 4th grade. 🙂 Thanks, JK Rowling!

The KU Stuff:

Are you a Kindle Unlimited member?

I am not a KU member as a reader, but I do offer all of my books in Kindle Unlimited as an author.

What are your thoughts on the KU program?

I absolutely love it. To me, it’s like Netflix for books. I love that it not only allows me the opportunity to have my books discovered by more readers, but it also allows readers to discover more books for one low monthly cost. It’s affordable, and it’s indie-supportive. Win/win in my eyes!

Have you discovered any new authors with KU?

Ever since I put my books in KU, I’ve discovered a lot of great authors who have done the same. Staci Hart, Brittainy C Cherry, Ilsa Madden Mills, Lex Martin, and Jessica Hawkins just to name a few!

Best KU discovery so far?

Since I’m on the author side of this, I’d say my best discovery so far has been finding amazing readers who are loyal and passionate about reading!

The Personal Stuff:

Where are you from?

I was born in Broken Arrow, OK. Grew up in Kansas/Oklahoma until I was 14 and moved to Florida. I have lived in Tampa and Orlando since then – now residing in Tampa. 🙂

Are you a full-time writer or do you have another job? If so, what?

I currently have a “big girl” job as the Social Media Supervisor for Publix Super Markets. However, with KU, my dream of writing full-time may soon come true. 🙂

Are you married? Kids? Any pets?

I’m married to a handsome man with the best beard in the world. J No kids yet, but we do have a pit bull named Marley (after Bob Marley) and a super-talkative cat named Pocket.

What’s one thing most people don’t know about you?

I’m obsessed with 90s/early 2000s hip hop & R&B.

The Fun Stuff:

Top three places you’d like to visit

Fiji, Greece, Yellowstone

Favorite cuisine & drink

Cheese Fries & Whiskey 😉

Favorite book(s) you’ve read in the past month

In the past month?! Definitely Filthy English by Ilsa Madden Mills

Favorite hobby not related to reading

Drinking local beer and finding great live music 🙂


All of the lovely places to stalk Kandi:

Web • Facebook • Amazon • Twitter • Pinterest • Instagram • YouTube


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