4 New KU Read Its by Christine



Sidelined by Terri E. Laine and A.M. Hargrove – This is a hot, short, second chance romance that I just loved! After being away, playing in the NFL for several years, Fletcher heads home to help his parents out. He has avoided home because he doesn’t want to run into Cassidy. She was the love of his life and she walked away from him, breaking his heart. Cassidy loves her small town and loves her job as a physical therapist. Walking away from Fletcher broke her heart, but he chose football over her. From the time that Cassidy and Fletcher see each other again, sparks fly and old passions ignite. This story is a little different than most stories because Fletcher never got over Cassidy and didn’t sleep with a lot of women to drown out his memories. He has always loved her and now he is ready to fight for her, even if she pushes him away. I adored Fletcher. This was such a good read. This story is easy to read in one sitting. You won’t regret curling up with Fletcher!


Refresh by S. Moose – This book will give you all of the feels. Be prepared for an emotional rollercoaster along with a thrill ride. Evan, Mason and Caroline were best friends from high school on. When Evan + Caroline got married, Mason was still a best friend to them both. When Evan tragically died, Mason + Caroline both had to figure out how to live again without Evan. Sometimes love comes from a place you would never have found it in different circumstances, but things change and everything happens for a reason. This story is a heartbreaking story about the loss of a loved one and then just when you think you can live with that pain, you find out they have betrayed you in the worst way. It’s about a love that blossoms from a long-time friendship and when your best friend becomes the rock in your life that you can’t live without and you suddenly realize, they are your forever. This story was beautifully written with characters that you laugh and cry with. Mason + Caroline stole my heart.


The First Time is the Hardest by L.A. Cotton –  If you are looking for a short story that has all of the feels, then this is the one for you. From the first page, the tears started to flow and they didn’t let up. I cried throughout the entire book. This was a story about how life doesn’t always turn out the way you plan. Everyone always speaks about doing it tomorrow. Or in Lucas + Mila’s circumstance, they will be together in four years.  We are not guaranteed a tomorrow. This is a short emotional story of how Mila lost her best friend, Lucas, in an accident. They had been best friends forever. They went to college and had promised each other they’d be together in four years and start their life together then. Well, fate has a way of intervening when we least expect it. Mila returns home, broken, after learning of Lucas’s death. She finds comfort in Ryan, who is Lucas’s older brother. Mila didn’t really know Ryan, since he left town when they were younger. She feels a connection with him that she’s never felt before. She finds her strength as they grow closer. What is looked at by outsiders as wrong, feels so right between Mila + Ryan. Through this awful tragedy, they have found a love they never knew they were looking for. This was such a sad, but beautiful story. I’m excited to see what is in store for the rest of the series.


The Family Jewels by Christine Bell – I was so excited to see that Christine Bell put this book in KU! I’ve really liked her books that I’ve read and was excited to see her put on into KU. The Family Jewels had a fun story line.  We have Sadie + Jake, who both for their own reasons, are pulling on a con and much to their dismay, they have the same mark! Jake is immediately taken with Sadie, but suspects that she is doing something on the shady side. He catches her multiple times, but doesn’t give her up. When they both discover they have the same mark, they decide to work together, which Jake isn’t a big fan of, since he doesn’t want Sadie in danger. This is a love story, but more than that, it’s a story about family loyalty and what people will do for their families. It’s about doing wrong so that you can afford medical treatment or to get revenge on a wrongful death. Pulling a con isn’t always about being a criminal. I loved Sadie + Jake in this story. I thought their characters were fun to read and their love story wasn’t one that I’ve read a million times, so I really enjoyed this read.

As of 8.18.16, all titles are available on Kindle Unlimited.


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