Sunday KU Spotlight by KUBR + OCA

Hey, KUbbies and Addicts! Welcome back to the KU Sunday Spotlight by KUBR + One-Click Addict!  We loved both of these books and highly recommend you add these two to your TBR today!


RATING: BUY IT {Robyn} – Oh, KU, you are one amazing invention. Your abundance of incredible reads, while it shouldn’t, constantly surprises me. From relatively unknown indie authors, to the authors with a lovely following building, to the New York Times best selling authors, I’m able to find stories that dazzle. And you’ve done it again with giving me the chance to read Penelope Douglas’ Corrupt. Hm, read doesn’t do Corrupt justice – it’s a literary experience!

Told in both present day and flashbacks, Corrupt gives us the thrill ride of Michael + Erica, two privileged young adults fighting to be free of societal expectations and confines and just be who they really are. One night out with friends changes their lives forever and makes everyone, character and reader, question who is friend and who is foe. This is one hell of a thrill ride complete with a whodunit and one of the strongest heroines I’ve had the pleasure of reading. Erica may be young, but she learned early on how to quiet the fear and work within the emotion.

If you follow the blog you know that I kinda, sorta pride myself on figuring out the story before getting to the end. I take notes, highlight passages and write down my theory of ending before I get halfway through. It’s a game I like playing to see if I would do what the author is doing. (Yeah, Harry Potter fans, I predicted the Battle of Hogwarts before the end of Book 2.) I hate, HATE spoilers and rarely read ahead. I confess, by 30% in I HAD to read the epilogue of Corrupt. My anxiety and inability to get a lock on the story caused my heart rate to soar. I felt like my heart would explode if I didn’t get some idea on the outcome. And here’s what I can tell you: it helped calm my rapidly beating heart without revealing how we go from start to finish. Well played, Ms. Douglas, well played.

Corrupt is a standalone with an HEA, but brace yourself for the best thrilling read yet!


RATING: BUY IT {Mila} – There’s a new, super hot contender in the Quick + Dirty playground! Welcome, Penny Wylder! Our regular KUbbies know that Q+D reads are my thing and now, Addicts do too. Now, I’m also a big fan of sweet, full-length, angsty, multi-book, dark, twisty, suspenseful and/or quirky romances, but when I only have an hour to read, when I’m in between books or when I’m suffering from a major book hangover, there’s nothing like a Q+D to satisfy my need to read.

Her Dad’s Friend by Penny Wylder just came out last weekend and is an Amazon bestseller. It’s also, to my extreme joy, available on Kindle Unlimited. Her Dad’s Friend is the second novel by Ms. Wylder and it is everything I look for in a Q+D – hot, sexy and in this case, filthy in the best way possible, but at only 97 pages in length, what really impressed me was the sweet connection and relationship that develops between Rachael + Paul.

As the title tells us, Paul is Rachael’s dad’s best friend. And, yes, Paul has known Rachael since she was a child. I’ll be honest, that trope generally doesn’t work for me, but Ms. Wylder had me hook, line and sinker and I never once questioned their attraction, their affection or their love. She handled it masterfully and to do so in such a short book made it all the more impressive.

I’m an instant Penny Wylder fan and I absolutely cannot wait to read what’s next!

As of 8.21.16, both Corrupt and Her Dad’s Friend are both available on Kindle Unlimited.

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