All the Rage by T.M. Frazier


I’m just going to admit this right off the bat – I LOVE T.M. Frazier! Seriously, love her. Not just the brilliant writer side of her, but she’s really one of the nicest people I’ve met. I attended Wicked Book Weekend in Fort Lauderdale, Florida in April. I can be a pretty shy lady one-on-one, so I didn’t exactly fangirl when meeting her (and her mister). No, I just became quiet and creepy, staring at her like an idiot. *sigh* She kindly took a picture with me and I really hope to do a better job April 2017, when meeting her at the COPA Authors in New York event. {Full disclosure: KU Book Reviews is a proud sponsor of the event.}

With that said, Ms. Frazier is truly genius. I’ve read all the books in her King series, as well as the prequel, The Dark Light of Day, and I’m NEVER disappointed. She writes about deeply flawed people living lives that scare most to the core. These are the lawless, the men and and women who kill to live and live to kill. And while they are the most dangerous, they also live by a code of love and loyalty, no matter what.

All the Rage is the story of Rage (Hope) + Nolan (Goon), two young adults trying to survive in a world of anger and death, but try to live as normally as possible. Readers were introduced to Rage in Lawless, but very little was known about her in that book. We learn all about her in All the Rage, including how deep her issues run and how desperate she is to be someone other than who she was born to be.

I loved this book so much for the simple fact it’s about self acceptance. Learning to appreciate and love who you are without guilt. Humans rarely embrace their strengths as we focus solely on our weaknesses. We have a hard time believing combining all our flaws with all our power makes us the best version of ourselves. Rage + Nolan had to learn those lessons and learn that love is their greatest gift.

While All the Rage can be read as a standalone, enough information is given without needing to read the other books, I highly recommend jumping in with Dark Light and don’t stop until the entire series is read! Another highlight for reading the series – you’ll be prepared for Preppy, one of the greatest literary characters in contemporary romance! Look for Preppy to be released later this year!

As of 8.25.16, All The Rage is available on Kindle Unlimited.

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